Arrival- Casa Tres Patios, Medellín

Since leaving Sustainable Bolivia in early November i’ve been on a fast paced journey through Peru and Ecuador and some of Colombia to finally reach Medellín. I will be staying here and working as a resident artist at Casa Tres Patios until the end of February.

This residency is at a crucial time as geographically and potentially time wise is the half way moment in 34South|61North. It is also a time of change, signifying the end to my prolonged stay in the Andean region.

I’m reflecting on all the good, bad, busy, crazy, creative, stressful and joyful times that have filled up the last three months and am using  these contemplations to ignite new ideas in my practice, influencing the direction in which it will move.

On the 10th of Feburary i’ll be giving a talk at the University of Antioquia here in Medellín about my practice and why I’m traveling over two continents as an investigation of artistic practices and a development of my own work. This talk will be a couple of days before I being a run a workshop held over three afternoons at C3P. It will run with the assistance of El Cuerpo Habla, a performative based collective made up by students of Fine Art and Dance and lectures form the university. Times and dates to come.

I’m using the month here to re-consider how I’ve been working with objects and space. This is regarding the use of my own body in public and private spaces and my use of found and wast objects. I’m interested about how I can bring the two elements together so that they work simultaneously or become the same thing.

The residency will finish with an  exhibition that will include a performative installation work. I’m looking at how I can change the garden, hallways, entrance and street outside Casa Tres Patios over the course of a day.

An investigation during the residency of the subtleties of objects and how they bring a new essence to a place  will be presented during the exhibition.

I’m interested in how my physical condition will change as the day of the show and installation of the work wears on and how the audience will react to what I’m doing and making.

C3PCalle2 C3PGarden2 C3PGarden3 C3PGardenStairs C3PHall DSCF1355

Above are some photos of Casa Tres Patios, the space I’m going to give the workshop in and then do the show. I’d like to hear ideas of how you would work to transform this space.



resume corto/short resume Casa Tres Patios

(Español abajo)

Camilla Brendon
A London based contemporary artist whose practice leads her to investigate cultures different to her own. Her media varies, but she is currently working with installation and performance.

In 2008 CB graduated from Kingston University, London with a BA(hons) in Fine Art. In the following years she continued to pursue what she had been investigating during her BA, which was traveling and living abroad to initiate bodies of work and then returning to her London studio to complete the process.

In 2013 CB began a new piece that would break her usual formula. Her current work, 34South|61North- the journey form Chile to Alaska, is an ongoing investigation and production project that is developing as she travels and learns cultural and artistic practices in the American continent.

In Colombia CB is working on the development of performative installations in public spaces. The works are dealing with her personal adaptation to Medellín and the Columbian way of living. This adaption comes after spending six months living in Andean regions.

view from Casa Tres Patios, arts and residency space in Medellín

Camilla Brendon
Artista contemporáneo con sede en Londres. Su práctica artística la lleva a investigar culturas que son diferentes que la suya. No tiene un medio artístico específico, pero hoy en dia esta trabajando principalmente con intervenciones y performance.

En 2008 graduó de la Universidad de Kingston, Londres, con una licenciatura en bellas arte. Durante los años siguientes CB siguió su investigación que empiezo durante su licenciatura, que era viajando y viviendo en lugares fuera de su país para iniciar órganos de trabajo. Despues que los viajes regresara a su estudio en Londres para hacer nuevas obras.

En 2013 CB empiezo una pieza que rompería su formato regular. Su trabajo actual, 34South|61North (34Sur|61Norte)- el viaje desde Chile hasta Alaska, es un proyecto en marcha de investigacion y de producción y está desarrollando mientras su viaje y estudios de la cultura y prácticas artísticas del continente Americano.

En Colombia CB está enfocado en el desarrollo de intervenciones con un dimensión de performance en espacios públicos. Estas obras se trata de su adaptación personal a Medellín y a el estilo de vivir en Colombia. Este adaptacion viene después que pasar seis meses viviendo en regiones andinos.

Zona 30- November Residency


A long journey to a big capital, November in Lima.
Zona 30 is an independent space located in the old centre of Lima. An area full of hustle, horns, street venders and noise.

The change of rhythm was quite a shock after the relative tranquility of Cochabamba. I was the only resident artist at Zona 30 so although living in a place full of noise and people my residency was spent predominantly working alone.

In my first couple of days I was invited to speak on Radio Filarmonía about my work and the talk I was to give the following day in the Faculty of Bellas Arte, Lima.


After the GMT- performance with Gerald I got struck by some sort of food poisoning. This obviously had an impact on the very short residency time.

Luckily after finishing my stay as resident I returned to make The Map Exchange drawing on the roof at Zona 30. This piece is a continuation of bringing the Map Exchange and Take Spaces and Make Them New together.

Today I write from Casa Tres Patios in Medellín, Colombia where i’ve just begun a month long residency and am developing ideas on how to bring the works together further during the next month. The results will be shown in my final exhibition here which will also include a performative element, dates TBC.

A last note to Lima is this time was finished too quickly and over shadowed with illness and theft, next time will be better!



En Diciembre fui a visitar la gente de La Karakola cuando estuve pasando por Quito. Fui con la idea de conocer el espacio y como manejan el gestion generalmente alla. Mi otra razón fue de incluir el centro en mi obra ‘The Map Exchange’.

In December I went to visit La Karakola cultural centre in Quito. I wanted to see how they ran the space and was hoping to include them in the work ‘The Map Exchange’.

Durante la site hablábamos de nuestros trabajos y intereses y descubrí que estaban planeando un evento en la segunda semana de enero en el parque Jerusalem a una hora de Quito. El evento sera el segundo reunion de artistas de performance en la seria y decidi de irme con el grupo.

During the meeting we were discussing our personal works as artists and I learnt that they were organising a performance event in the second week of January in a national park close to Quito, called Jerusalem. I decided to stay on in Ecuador so that I could join the group of artists for the event.


Por tres dias y dos noches vivimos juntos hablando sobre nuestros motivos de hacer arte y desarrollando las ideas con que hemos llegado.

For three days and two nights we lived together discussing our work and developing the ideas with which we had arrived.

Relacioné lo que hice mucho con las obras iniciales de ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ que hice en Londres antes que viajar. Empiece trabajando en vivo de nuevo, mezclando la definiciones de Performance e Intervención. Trabajando con materiales de la naturaleza en su propio lugar también fue un extensión de trabajar con materiales de mano hecho en los lugares urbanos.

The work I made was in theory close to the work I had been making just before leaving London as part of the ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ series. During the weekend I began to install work live again, blurring the boundaries between installation and performance. I also found that I was continuing my concept by working with natural materials from the park just as in urban areas I work with wast materials from the urbanity.


Gracias a Rodrigo Viera Cruz y Juan Montelpare y a todas las artistas por sus energia y creatividad durante el evento.
Thanks to Rodrigo Viera Cruz and Juan Montelpare and to all the artists for their energy and creativity during the event.

Zona 30- The Map Exchange Lima

Ultima Obra de ‘The Map Exchange’ -Tisa debujado encima del techo de
Zona 30, Lima.

Mas Fotos

(Ingles Abajo)


El primer vez que un espacio ha sido cambiado temporalmente por la obra ‘The Map Exchange’ asi veamos este obra acercando a la obra ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’.


El trabajo hice un un solo tarde trabajando por cinco horas abajo del sol y humedad de Lima. Gracias a Karen Garcia por su fotografía.


Latest work from ‘The Map Exchange’-Chalk drawing on the roof of gallery space Zona 30, Lima.

More Photos


This is the first work that has been part of “The Map Exchange’ that has temporarily changed an outside space.  Working in this style ‘The Map Exchange’ and ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ are becoming more closely connected.


The drawing was made over a single afternoon. Five hours of drawing under the hot sun and through the humidity of the Lima. Many thanks to Karen Garcia for her stunning photos.


Faculty of Art Cuenca 12-Dec-2013

I was fortunate enough to be  invited to give a lecture on the history of performance art and how I am using performance, with the work GMT-, as part of 34South|61north. The lecture took place on Thursday the 12th of December and was given to a mixed group of students from visual and aesthetic arts degrees based in the faculty of Art at the University of Cuenca.


The initial talk was based on the history of Performance Art, a series of videos by Gerald Curtis my partner in the work GMT- and an artist who has introduced me to the world of performance and encouraged my exploration of how our bodies can be incorporated into an art work.

I then went onto explain the work GMT- and how it is part of the larger project 34South61North. We concluded the lecture with a debate on the importance of different mediums and ways of making contemporary art. The discussion was fuelled by examining the differences and similarities between Ecuadorian and British establishments and customs that exist in the field of contemporary art.

Thanks to everyone who put this together and enabled a lecture that was filled with discussion and varying points of view.  Next opportunity: Medellin, Colombia.