Taller y Conversatorio- Lima

camilla brendon - conversatorio
Este Jueves el 21 a las 6 30 de la tarde daré una charla sobre mis intervenciones en espacios públicos con enfoque en la seria ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New.’ Hablará tambien sobre la tema del uso de materiales de desecho y porque es de moda de ser consciente en las materiales que usa en su arte.

This Thursday the 21st at 18 30 I will give a talk about the interventions that I put into public spaces focusing on the series ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New.’ I go into the use of waste materials and why its become a fashion to be contentious over the materials that you use when making art.

Centro Cultural de Bellas Arte, Jr. Huallaga n.402.


Daré un taller en las materiales que uso y como trabajar en espacios públicos en Zona30 Sábado el 23 de las 15 a 19hs.
I will lead a workshop on installing with wast materials on Saturday the 23rd at Zona30, from 15h-19h.


Fiestas de Arte en Cochabamba, Octubre 2013

The first art party I was part of was in 2007 at The Olde Ship in East London. It was the second year of my BA, we had ten artists, a DJ, food and drinks. Since then I have gone onto organise an art party in the Shimokitazawa district of Tokyo (2010) and then to be part of the Todays Specials Design Fairs in West London (2011/12).

During my four month stay at Sustainable Bolivia I began to work with artists Kim Alexander, Olivia Barron and DJ’s Gon and Reflector Tropical

We held two parties one at Bar Groove (Faglarna) and one in Sub Pub [Metamorphosis]. The concept of bringing art out of the white cube space and more into the public realm is something I have been passionate about since the first event in 2007. Public space art and art in accessible venues is a way to provoke thought and to communicate your message or purpose with a wider public and with a public which is not nescissarily interested in fine or contemporary art.



In the second party [metamorphosis] we invited Pableti to join Kim in face panting and decorating the party goers, this fit in with the concept of change/ transition and the Haloeen/Day of the Dead/Guy Fawks date we held the event.




Working with cross disciplinarily artists and venues in Cochabamba has re-enforced the importance I place on working in groups and in unusual settings. These events are fore runners for the 34South|61North arts space and hostel, which will be initiated after I complete 34South|61North. Until then I look to participate and run more creative events in the Americas and Europe.

If your in Cochabamba keep a look out because the same crew are planning more parties soon!

Taller en Zona30, Lima

Este Martes el 12 de Noviembre empiezo una residencia en Zona30, Lima. El 14 a las 4 de la tarde haré un performance de GMT- con Gerald Curtis. La entrada es gratuito y todos son bienvenidos. Hacemos por Skype, Curtis esta en Birmingham, RU haciendo una residencia en HFWAS.


Después el Sabado 23 daré un taller en formas de trabajar con materiales de desecho y intervenciones en espacios públicos. Si quieren mas información escriba a mi correo o a lo de Zona30.


Sustainable Bolivia Artist Residency Open Call

During my residency at Sustainable Bolivia I helped to re-word the requirements for the open call artist residency programme. It an interesting programme as you are an artist living in an NGO who’s focus is on sustainability and places volunteers with organisations in the Cochabamba community. As the artist I was exposed to a different side of Bolivian life and culture and was able to diversify my ideas and way of working. I would strongly recommend a residency at SB if human or environmental themes are a concern within your practice. 


Objective The objective of Sustainable Bolivia’s art residency program is to promote the arts in Bolivia and foster intercultural exchange and dialogue between international and local artists.

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Who can Apply :

The residency program is available to emerging, mid-career and established artists from any country regardless of age, gender, or medium. The residency focuses on the visual arts but we will also consider applications from other areas including creative writing, music and dance. Preference will be given to those with Spanish language skills. History For nearly two years Sustainable Bolivia provided housing to Scottish-born painter Thomas “Mac” McGreggor. Through Mac, SB met many local and international artists and quickly became involved in Cochabamba’s art community. In an effort to maintain this cultural exchange, as well as develop a tradition within our organization, SB decided to work alongside local artists to develop an art residency program.

What is Provided:

Applicants will be provided with a large furnished living space, a private studio, and access to art contacts in Bolivia interested in showing their work. Exhibitions, events and happenings will occur in Cochabamba and potentially in La Paz and Santa Cruz; Bolivia’s 3 largest cities. Additionally we have contacts with local and national press outlets and will work together to help promote showings. Costs As the artist residency currently receives no external funding, the artist is responsible for his/her own travel/flights, room and board, materials and insurance. Total costs will be $180 a month and include a fully furnished private room, a large studio, all utilities, phones calls to over 60 countries and internet access. Volunteer In an effort to fully integrate the resident as well as provide a service to the community, the selected candidate will also have the opportunity to volunteer with one of SB’s partner organizations. Opportunities include projects which seek to empower youths through performing and visual arts, or providing training for future art teachers. If the resident artist takes wishes to have a volunteer placement the cost would change to $225 a month inclusive of a $75 a month mini-grant to be used within the organisation. If you wish to work with an organisation please include this in your statement of intent, expalined below. (See more information about our volunteer opportunities). If looking to apply for a grant/funding for the residency we can supply a letter of invitation.

Application Instructions:

Please submit:

A resume, maximum two pages that includes all relevant artistic experience

A brief statement of intent for residency period which is usually three months, as this allows time for the artist to make contacts and become established in Cochabamba, max 500 words.

Upto 15 images of your work in digital format ie, JPG, GIG or PDF images should not exceed 500k for JPG and GIF or 5MB for a PDF, remember to include descriptions of the works submitted.

Applications will be reviewed by Sustainable Bolivia’s Art Review Board composed of local and international artists.

If you are applying for the residency and are not a visual artist please send us your statement of intent along with your resume and we will instruct you on further requirements. Sustainable Bolivia also offers a documentary film making internship. If interested please email us directly.


For more information and visit SB’s page: