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Camilla Brendon, 34South|61North film by Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem

The month of June was spent in Brazil. I traveled from Porto Alegre to Caceres near the boarder with Bolivia. I stopped and worked in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Rio.

In Curitiba Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem captured the works I did as part of 34South|61North and combined them with an interview about my practice to make this Video.


Have a look and what they do and get in touch:


oGangorra co-work space The Map Exchange


Brazil is full of energy and new initiative. My week in Sao Paulo flew past. There are many new and established self managing and part-self managing creative spaces in the city. To avoid the bureaucracy of government money creative groups are seeking alternative solutions to fund arts spaces. I found one alternative in oGangorra. Placed in the fashionable and busy neighbourhood of Vila Madalena several businesses occupy this co-work space. The site has three floors, the sub ground is a bike shop, ground is a bar and art space then the first floor is an open plan office area.

I met the staff and saw the site and arranged for oGangorra to be the next site for The Map Exchange.  I chose to to paint the mural on the underside of the stair well. This location is visible from the street and provides a focal point for the bar.

The Map Exchange at

Over the course of four countries and four months 34South|61North has developed and changed. I have created a way to use simple forms that are representative of the emotions, environment and styles of the different places which I have visited.

‘Brazil-34South|61North’ is an important work as it captures the essence of the journey that I have undertaken so far. The individual shapes relate to specific places and emotions and environments. The bright orange that fills the spaces captures the warmth and energy of Brazil and its people.


This work is reminiscent of The Map Exchange Santiago. The original shapes form Chile have been simplified into one key form. This mural is the beginning of a development of colour, form and space which will be explored during my residency in Cochabamba, Bolivia.



Take Spaces And Make Them New-Change


Take Spaces and Make Them New- Change
With Kim Alexander

British Artists Alexander and Brendon have come together to install work in Comuna, Rio this Sunday the 23rd of June. Both artists are completing self directed projects traveling in the americas and working with communities and places as they travel.

The transient artists are making use of this opportunity in Rio to explore the potential influence of the indiviual by taking Ghandi’s phrase “Be the change you want to see in the world” and posing the question: “How do you think you as an individual can affect change?” With this question they are interested to see the perspectives of different visitors to the space have about how we each impact our environment and society in our daily lives.

Take Spaces and Make Them New-Change will transform the gallery space and communal areas in Comuna by adding paper forms that will fill open areas so that viewers are forced to move differently within the space. The forms will ‘dance’ in the breeze and leave shadows so that the environment seems different, but infact it will not been permanently changed.

Whilst being in the modified environment the audience will be asked how they can make a change to the place in which they live, this may be in the physical sense in which the installation has changed a the space, or in a social sense. The artists are interested in the ways that people believe themselves capable of having an impact in the world in which they live, and what actions, big or small, they believe can begin that change. They will be invited to add to the work by writing this desired change onto the wall space.

Take Spaces and Make Them New- Change
(Toma os espaços e torná-los novos – mudança)

As artistas britânicas Kim Alexander e Camilla Brendon se uniram para instalar um trabalho na Comuna, no Rio neste domingo, dia 23 de junho. As duas artistas estão fazendo projetos nas Américas, trabalhando com as comunidades e lugares enquanto viajam.

Elas estão usando a oportunidade da passagem pelo Rio para explorar o potencial da influência do ser indivídual, utilizando como inspiração a frase de Gandhi “Seja a mudança que você deseja ver no mundo” e perguntando: “Como você acredita que um indivíduo possa causar uma mudança?” Com esta pergunta elas buscam ​​ver as perspectivas dos visitantes sobre como impactamos ambientes e nossa sociedade e no cotidiano.

Take Spaces and Make Them New- Change vai ocupar o segundo andar e as áreas comuns na Comuna, utilizando papéis que irão preencher áreas abertas, para os visitantes serem obrigados a se moverem de uma maneira diferente no lugar. As formas irão ‘dançar’ na brisa e deixar sombras para que o lugar se pareça diferente, mas na verdade não será alterada permanentemente.
Em um ambiente modificado o público vai ser perguntado quais são as mudanças que acreditam que possam fazer no lugar onde moram, isso pode ser no sentido físico como a instalação mudou o espaço, ou pode ser também no sentido social. As artistas têm interesse nas maneiras que as pessoas acreditam que são capazes de ter um impacto no ambiente que moram, e quais ações, grandes ou pequenas, que elas acreditam que possam começar essa mudança. Todos estão convidados a colaborar com o trabalho escrevendo esta mudança desejada nos espaços da parede.

“Seja a mudança que você deseja ver no mundo” – Qual a sua mudança?

Eu acredito que…


Comuna Rio


This Sunday the 23rd I will be showing the latest installation as part of Take Spaces and Make Them New in Rio this time collaborating with visual artist Kim Alexander at
Comuna come anytime from six and you will get to hear a set from Marcelo as well!

Everybody’s invited!

Casa Selvática

‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ filled the entrance space at the house. This was the first time a larger space had been filled using individual wast paper cutouts, not the paper chains seen earlier on in the work, (






The shapes were a reflection of the four countries so far visited as part of 34South|61North and the installation took two days. This work was not installed live as has been a previous element of ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’.

The finished work was up-lit using a single stage light with a green film gel. The air on the street made the shapes twist and dance causing them to knot together irreversibly.

On the opening night 6/6/13 Camilla gave a talk on her work 34South|61North and donated an artwork to be part of ‘The Map Exchange’ this work is being displayed in the upstairs gallery space at Selvática.

The Map Exchange, Curitiba.

Photography by Lara Jacoski



This Friday the 7th of June artist Camilla Brendon will be re-working and changing the collaborative piece, GMT- in Curitiba, Brazil.

The work has previously seen the two work simultaneously over Skype reliving each others parallel existances over time zones, seasons and cultures.

Brendon will work alone at p.ARTE pushing her limitations as she enters the world of Curtis. This performance will be fast and energetic, its sure to be a test of her mental and physical endurance.

To see the performance and interview with Camilla click here.


Convida-8 June


This Saturday the 8th of June I will be at Atelier Luis Lopes leading a workshop on my installation works. During the workshop participants will learn how I create and install paper to form works as part of the series Take Spaces and Make Them New.




The workshop was a six hour event that saw artists, families and shoppers participate cutting and sticking in the street and gallery.

Porto Alegre Artists and Spaces

Brazil stop one: Porto Alegre.

Three weeks in Uruguay came to an end with an uneventful crossing into Brazil. A beautiful sunset and deep orange moon filed the horizon as we sped closer to my first stop in a new country. I was with photographer and new friend Denis Rodriguez. The plan was to spend the next few days at his home getting to know the city and its arts.

Day one Denis and Leonardo, one half of CONTORNO took the time to  accompany me to a meeting at SUBTERRÂNEA where I was preparing to perform GMT- with Gerald Curtis the following day.


They also gave me a walking tour of some of the city and included , BARRACO an interesting autonomous studio, office and gallery space. Operating since 2005  with the addition of  the gallery, Mascate de arte,  in 2011.

Then onto MUSEU DO TRABALHO a print exhibition space with full artist printing facilities and studio spaces to hire. These spaces have not only printmakers but also house sculptors as the space offers kiln facilities. MDT is another example of an autonomous space and offers a membership scheme where for 80r/month or about  US$40 members receive each month new prints by artists announced at the beginning of the year. This is a great way for the space to secure funding and encourages the longevity of artists work and a new generation of art collectors in Brazil.

Four full days of viewing performing and enjoying sunsets over the port my stay had come quickly to its end and with mixed emotions it was time to move on and up to Curitiba.

6 Junho Casa Selvática

Finishing touches...
Finishing touches…

Na próxima quinta feira, dia 6 de Junho, a artista britânica Camilla Brendon apresentará na Casa Selvática duas intervenções que fazem parte do seu grande projeto 34South|61North. A mostra abre às 20h e segue com uma conversa com a artista.

Camilla está viajando do Chile ao Alasca. A viagem é uma obra e uma investigação sobre as culturas e a criatividade existentes nas Américas. 34South|61North iniciou em Março, em Santiago, já passou pela Argentina, Uruguay e agora chegou ao Brasil.

Por alguns dias, a Casa Selvática estará transformada pela obra Take Space and Make them New. Neste trabalho, Camilla joga com o espaço enchendo o ar com papéis para que ele pareça diferente. As sombras e movimentos das formas débeis convidam as pessoas a pensar em algo fora do tédio da vida cotidiana.

Camilla também nos presenteará com uma colagem que fará parte de The Map Exchan. Este projeto conecta vários pontos por onde a artista passa nas Américas a outros espalhados pela Inglaterra e pode ser acompanhado em seu blog.

GMT-4 III at Subterrânea Porto Alegre


Wednesday the 29th of May, performance three between Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis this time at Subterrânea and ]Performance Space]

Brendon and Curtis kept the piece’s hour long format, squeezing 12 hours of events into five minute slots. GMT-4 III followed its predecessors in a more abstract use of symbology and props by the artists. They seemed to move further away form the written words of their scripts and more into how they imagined and interpreted the other to feel.


The lighting was low and both spaces were white cube. This has left the pair with an almost infinite pool of ideas for games with light, space and location. This Friday, the 7th, Brendon will work alone in Curitiba to explore these ideas and use colour and time as ways to further abstract Curtis’ London days.