Bloom (Take Spaces and Make Them New) mARTadero

Camilla mARTaderoCrop
Planning the latest piece for ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ to be installed outside the mARTadero, July 27th.

34South|61North (34sur|61norte) es una obra de la artista Camilla Brendon. El trabajo
sigue su viaje desde Chile hasta Alaska. Se quede en ciudades y pueblos de un par de días
hasta un par de meses. Durante estas paradas hace obras y colaboraciones con artistas
locales e internacionales y se da tiempo para entender cómo el arte contemporáneo está
recibido en lugares diferentes. El arte y las relaciones que hace durante el viaje son partes
de los proyectos que existan en 34South|61North.


La próxima obra  que viene va a empezar trabajando en el mARTadero para realizar la obra Bloom que sera la ultima parte de la serie Take Spaces and Make Them New (Toma Espacios y Hacerlos Nuevos). Mas informaccion esta aqui:

Busca personas que están interesada en conociendo su trabajo y que quieren aprender formas de hacer intervenciones con materiales reciclados. Vamos a hacer la obra el Martes 23-Viernes 26  y a instalar la obra en el kiosko en frente del mARTadero el Sábado 27. Eso va a coincidir con el festival ENREDARTE con NADA.


Mixed media on found wood. 40x35x2cm(aprox), 2013.



Camilla Brendon, 34South|61North film by Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem

The month of June was spent in Brazil. I traveled from Porto Alegre to Caceres near the boarder with Bolivia. I stopped and worked in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Rio.

In Curitiba Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem captured the works I did as part of 34South|61North and combined them with an interview about my practice to make this Video.


Have a look and what they do and get in touch:

GMT-5 The Shag and Sustainable Bolivia

GMT-5 London-Cochabamba
Performance by:
Camilla Brendon-
Gerald Curtis-
Friday the 12th of July 20:30 GMT, 15:30 GMT-5
London: The Shag, Studio 180, 180 Lambeth Road, SE1 7JY.
Cochabamba: 230 Julio Arauco Prado, Cochabamba.


Artists Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis come together to make work that enacts their individual experiences in London and Cochabamba. They explore day to day existence and are interested by the variety of emotions and transitions we as people experience over periods of time. By working together live over Skype they will re-enact parallel 12 hour periods of each other’s lives, in this piece each hour will take two minutes in real time. This re-enactment will let them explore the similarities and contrasts that occur between their lives over the very different cities.

Camilla is accustomed to working with traditional media, such as painting and collage and also with installation. She will use this performance as a way to create work with her body rather than other materials. It will be an opportunity to explore new avenues with in her practice and to use her body language as a medium to focus on the themes of existence and culture which are core to her work.
Gerald is concerned with his practice as a method of pulling apart the everyday. Moving from ideas to making quickly, he creates improvised situations which unfold their possibilities in front of the viewer. These pieces frequently use the format of an open work – work that is unfinished, unresolved, or borrowed or found and reworked to arrive at a different outcome. Gerald will use this performance as a testing ground to work across time and spaces in different cultures. He will bring to the work key ideas: language, context, the body, ephemerality.

oGangorra co-work space The Map Exchange


Brazil is full of energy and new initiative. My week in Sao Paulo flew past. There are many new and established self managing and part-self managing creative spaces in the city. To avoid the bureaucracy of government money creative groups are seeking alternative solutions to fund arts spaces. I found one alternative in oGangorra. Placed in the fashionable and busy neighbourhood of Vila Madalena several businesses occupy this co-work space. The site has three floors, the sub ground is a bike shop, ground is a bar and art space then the first floor is an open plan office area.

I met the staff and saw the site and arranged for oGangorra to be the next site for The Map Exchange.  I chose to to paint the mural on the underside of the stair well. This location is visible from the street and provides a focal point for the bar.

The Map Exchange at

Over the course of four countries and four months 34South|61North has developed and changed. I have created a way to use simple forms that are representative of the emotions, environment and styles of the different places which I have visited.

‘Brazil-34South|61North’ is an important work as it captures the essence of the journey that I have undertaken so far. The individual shapes relate to specific places and emotions and environments. The bright orange that fills the spaces captures the warmth and energy of Brazil and its people.


This work is reminiscent of The Map Exchange Santiago. The original shapes form Chile have been simplified into one key form. This mural is the beginning of a development of colour, form and space which will be explored during my residency in Cochabamba, Bolivia.