Camilla Visual Artist CV

Camilla Brendon- Visual Artist

Currently completing project 34South|61North, a self directed work documenting the journey from Chile to Alaska. During the journey Brendon makes site specific works for the countries that she visits. These works reflect on her experiences of the arts and cultures that she experiences. 34South|61North consists of three major ongoing pieces, which are explained below:

Take Spaces and Make Them New:

Site specific installations that change spaces temporarily:

[metamorfosis] and Faglarna, art parties, Cochabamba, Bolivia, October 2013

  • Kiosko Galeria- ‘Bloom 2’ Take Spaces and Make Them New, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, October 2013

  • La Troje y Cancha del Progreso ‘Bloom 2’ Take Spaces and Make Them New, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Septembre 2013

  • Enred Arte Con Nada, 2013- The Martadero, ‘Bloom’ Take Spaces and Make Them New, Cochabamba,Bolivia, July 2013

  • Comuna, Rio-Take Spaces and Make Them New-Change, interactive collaboration with Kim Alexander, Rio, Brazil, June 2013

  • Casa Selavatica, Curitiba Take Spaces and Make Them New, June 2013

  • Kiosko, La Pedrera, Uruguay, May 2013

  • Zona Imaginaria, Interactive installation and workshop with the local community, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 2013

  • Le Gardin, Santago, marzo 2013


Locations of performances:

  • Zona 30, Lima Peru/The Wick, Birmingham, November 2013

  • Sustainable Bolivia, Cochabamba, Bolivia/ The Shag, Studio 180, London, July 2013

  • p.ARTE, Curitiba, Brazil, June 2013

  • Subterania, Porto Alegre, Brazil/ Performance Space, London, June 2013

  • Casa Tienda, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Performance Space, London, May 2013

  • Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ The Old Dentist, London, April 2013

The Map Exchange-

Locations of works:

  • Republica Sur, Cuenca, Ecuador, Enero 2014

  • La Karakola, Quito, Ecuador, Diciembre 2013

  • Zona 30, Lima, Peru, Noviembre, 2013

  • La Troje, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Septiembre 2013

  • Marka, Street Art Bar, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Agosto 2013

  • oGangorra, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Junio 2013

  • Selavatica, Curitiba, Brazil, Junio 2013

  • Casa Tienda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mayo 2013

  • Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Abril 2013

  • La Venicidad, La Cumbre, Argentina, Marzo 2013

  • Balmaceda, Valparaiso, Chile, Marzo 2013

  • The Clinic, Santiago, Chile, Marzo 2013

Solo Shows and Events

  • The Light Centre, Belgravia, London, November 2012- January 2013

  • Art Party, Atelier, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, December 2010

  • -Ascension 2 (Rising Sun), The Tower Block, Kingston University, June-November 2008

Selected Group Exhibitions and Events

  • Juno, ‘Commune’, Old Street, London, 29 November- 6 January 2013

  • D-Pan, Omega Warehouse, Hermitage Road, London, December 2012

  • Nour, ‘The Gallery’, St.Peters Church, Notting Hill, London, 23 November -8 December 2012

  • Roy’s Salon Tea Party- ‘Commune’ Old Street, London, 2 July-2 September, 2012

  • Artists Who Are Waiters- House Gallery, Camberwel, London, 1-16 November 2012

  • Affirmation- The Spanish Barn, Devon, March 2012

  • Music-St.Peters Church, Notting Hill, London, November 2011

  • Between Earth and Air, The Tabernacle, Powis Square, London, May 2011

  • Yellow Rock, The Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, May 2008

  • Climate of Change, Waterloo, London, November, 2007

  • En Transito, Casa Das Campas, Pontevedra, Spain, April 2007

  • Exhibition 1001, The Olde Ship Gallery, London, February, 2007

Awards and Prizes

  • January 2014, Casa Tres Patios resident artist, Medellín, Columbia

  • January 2014 Invited to participate in Gaucho-Intraterrestre- La Karakola, cultural center, Quito, Ecuador

  • November2013, Zona 30 resident artist, Lima, Peru

  • July- October 2013, Sustainable Bolivia resident artist, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • August 2013 Invited to participate in the festival Enred Arte con Nada, 2013, mARTadero, Cochabamba

  • May 2013 Curitoria Forence ‘El Deseo de Otro’ Talks on independent arts management-Uruguay

  • April 2013 Zona Imaginaria resident artist- Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • September 2012 And’Art Casablanca, residency and cultural exchange for artists and musicians, Morocco

  • July 2007 Stanley Picker Travel Award, South Korea

  • Febuary 2007 Minbak Conferences, Matadero Center, Madrid

34South|61North, Talks:

  • December 2013, Faculdad de Arte, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • November 2013, Centro Cultural de la Univerdidad de Bellas Arte, Lima Peru

  • September 2013, La Troje, as part of Fesstijazz, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • July 2013, Sustainable Bolivia, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • May 2013, UTU Atlántida Formación sports foundation high school, Uruguay

  • May, 2013,  Escuela Pública 162, Uruguay

  • April 2013, Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Workshops on installing art in public places and working with waste materials:

  • October 2013, Galería Kiosko, workshop for mixed ages, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  • September 2013, Sustainable Bolivia, workshop for mixed ages, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • June 2013, Atelier Luis Lopes, workshop for mixed ages, Curitiba, Brasil

  • May, 2013, workshop for seven year olds, Escuela Pública 162, Uruguay

  • April 2013, Zona Imaginaria, workshop open to families and local residents,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Other Workshop:

  • September 2012, workshop for mixed age deaf children, And’Art 2012, Casablanca, Morocco


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Kingston University, London, U.K. 2008

Erasmus Exchange, Universidad de Vigo, Spain, 2007

BTEC Fine Art, West Kent College, Kent, U.K. 2004

Etching course, London Print Studio, London, U.K. 2011


2 thoughts on “Camilla Visual Artist CV”

  1. Hi Camilla, I’ve started following your blog I’m enjoying looking at your work but also because we are strangely related. Your paternal grandfather and my mother were first cousins, if that makes sense!

    1. Hi Juliet,
      I also am enjoying your blog. Thanks for getting in touch! It would be great to meet you when I’m eventually back home or if you fancy traveling to the americas any time soon.
      Best, and I will be keeping an eye on your posts.

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