Zona Imaginaria

10 Days as resident artist at Zona Imaginaria has gone very quickly. I have got to know the people who work here and the students, in particular the kids that come to the Pequenos Aprendices classes on Tuesdays.  It has been an educational, relaxing and productive time all at once.

I was one half of GMT, GMT-4  a performance with London Based artist, Gerald Curtis. We re-enacted each others days via Skype, referring to diaries we had exchanged the previous day. Pretending to be someone else on the other side of the world using actions in a small space for an hour challenge my resourcefulness. I was sometime lost in a world of performance and began to embrace the situation moving freely and forgetting where I was and the nature of what I was doing. Then the internet connection would fail and I would need to get up and re-start the conversation. These brakes in the fluidity of the piece annoyed me at the time as I felt it destroyed the flow of what I was doing. Retrospectively although annoying it highlight the unpredictable nature of performance and how it is removed from other fine art practices with its spontaneous nature.

GMT, GMT-4 at Zona Imaginaria.
GMT, GMT-4 at Zona Imaginaria.

As part of the residency you are asked to make some work that stays in the house. I have been looking at maps throughout 34South|61North and at ZI I was looking at Chile and Argentina, the countries I have visited so far, then also at a local map of the streets in this area. I combined them to make a shape. Only later did I realise how much it looks like South America. I began to create a mural in on an empty wall in the kitchen.

Work in Progress

After a lot of glue, cutting, painting and colouring it was finished:

San Fernando Mural, 2013, Paper, Enamel and pencil.

I have been getting to know the kids on Tuesdays when they come here for art classes and I invited them all to participate in with my installation that took place on the 27th. I was please to see that some of them made it with their families too. I had the forms for Take Spaces and Make Them New prepared and at 2pm we began to instal the work on the street, walls and plants outside ZI.

The installation was followed by a talk on my practice with regards to 34South|61North and questions. I learnt a lot about the neighbour hood, fine art in Argentina and my own feelings about my work.


One last thing was to leave a pin board and map for the kids to fill out as part of The Map Exchange during their classes on Tuesdays. I hope they enjoy staying in touch and learning a bit more about the geography and art of The Americas.

This short residency has been full of creative and contemplative thoughts and actions. I am leaving sad on the one hand yet excited to spend a few days in Buenos Aires capital and then to go onto Uruguay and Brazil.

The journey continues.


The Map Exchange at RR Gallery


The latest pin board being used to document The Map Exchange has been installed at RR Gallery, St. Peters Church, Notting Hill. Many thanks to Rebecca Dean, gallery manager, who had the board installed in time for the current show Given- heres the flier:


Saturday 27th April talk and Installation at Zona Imaginaria


Abril 2013 / Visita internacional
Camilla Brendon – Londres Inglaterra

“Los invito el Sábado 27 de Abril a partir de las 14hrs a ver la intervención que estaré haciendo en Zona Imaginaria como parte de mi proyecto de Residencia. Luego a las 16hrs presentaré el proyecto en su totalidad.
Ojalá puedan pasar en algún momento acompañados por familia, amigos, etc. “

“I would like to invite you to see an installation I am doing at Zona Imaginaria this Saturday the 27th of April, starting at 2pm. I am doing it as part of my residency here and as part of my ongoing project. At 4pm I will give a talk about my ongoing project.
I hope you can make it at some point during the afternoon, friends and family are welcome.”
Camilla Brendon

Camilla Brendon
Estudió BTEC de Bellas Artes en West kent Collage, Kent, R.U 2004, Bellas Artes en la Kingston University de Londres, 2008, y estudió grabado en London Print Studio de Londres en el 2011.
su trabajo combina pintura, impresión, collage e instalación como resultado de experiencias en diferentes entornos. Está interesada con temas relacionados a la antropología que llevan a que haya desarrollado su Proyecto 34South | 61North.

Camilla Brendon
Studied a BTEC in fine art at West Kent College, Kent, UK in 2004, a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University in 2008 and a printmaking course at London Print Studio in 2011. Her work combines painting, print, collage and installation her works are results of her experiences in different environments. She is interested in themes that relate to anthropology, this interest lead her to begin her current project 34South|61North.
+ Info http://www.camillabrendon.wordpress.com / http://www.camillabrendon.com / http://www.facebook.com/34south61north

Zona Imaginaria Taller + Residencia
Es un espacio abierto y activo de investigación, intercambio de experiencias y capacitación de artistas, con marcado interés en el intercambio y las relaciones interpersonales. El Taller y la Casa en Zona Imaginaria se encuentran estrechamente relacionados el uno con el otro. El Taller, a través de seminarios y cursos y la Casa, con su proyecto de residencia “¿Quién puede vivir en esta casa?”, que reúne artistas nacionales, internacionales y vecinos de la zona, vinculando directamente la producción de cada artista con el barrio y el contexto del arte contemporáneo. + info http://www.zonaimaginaria.com.ar

Zona Imaginaria Workshop and Residency Is an open space that encourages investigative creativity and exchanges between artists with different interests. The work shop and the house in Zona Imaginaria are closely related. The workshop has courses and seminars whilst the house runs the project ‘who can live in this house’. This project unites local and international artists with neighbours of Zona Imaginaria. This provides a link with the artists, neighbourhood and contemporary art.

Cordoba 24 Hours of Art

After a week at La Venicidad, La Cumbre it was time to move on to spend a quick visit in Cordoba capital before heading onto Buenos Aires. I met a couple of artists at Romas studio who had come up to see his exhibition. They offered me a couch in Cordoba, so I accepted and was looking forward to seeing their home. Juan and Juliana are a couple who work together on a few projects. They are both artists and chefs and live off a mix of the two. They make the most of Cordoba’s art and theatre scene and love cats. Their upcoming work is to continue making arts and poetry books and to travel upto Venezuela, hitch hiking, later this year. I hope to see you somewhere on the journey my friends.

Cordoba is a small city full of art, drama, music and students. The central area easy to navigate by foot. I was there on a Wednesday full of the sun and heat that fills the Argentina autumn days. Wednesdays also happen to be free museum day, so I set about visiting them.

It was almost time for me to return to the house and have a rest before heading to the bus when I decided to visit one last museum, in an impressive modern building I arrived at the MEC, Museo Emilio Caraffa. There was several galleries with permanent and temporary exhibits. The two main temporary shows were by Argentine artists:
Miguel Angel Giovanetti- Concepto Pentágono

Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas

Carolina Magnin- Ánima:

I later had the pleasure of meeting Carolina in Zona Imaginaria, where she teaches once a week, and she took the time to explain her work the process and how she came to have a solo show at MEC.

That afternoon I had a long awaited meeting with Julia at Casa 13 an arts house in central Cordoba. Casa 13 was the first place in Argentina to offer a residency programme and is constantly battling to stay open as they are occupying the house and run the risk of eviction. With this kind of history I had sought to spend a period with them making work for 34South|61North, but as they were remodelling the house the residencies were on hold for the first part of 2013. Never the less I was keen to visit the Casa and learn more about what they do.

Julia, with whom I had been communicating, greeted me and we had a chat over several Mates, a famous Argentine tea traditionally drunk out of a hollow gourd through a metal straw. The staff there are all artists of some sort and are are well connected, supporting arts throughout the Americas. This year each of the 30 odd staff are planning to complete mini residencies in the Casa. Good luck to all of you!

GMT, GMT-4, 2013, Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis


(español mas abajo)

Artists Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis come together to make work that enacts their individual experiences in different cities. They explore day to day existence and are interested by the variety of emotions and transitions we as people experience over periods of time. By working together live over Skype they will explore the similarities and contrasts that occur between their parallel existences over the continents of South America and Europe, in the urban environments of Buenos Aires and London.


Camilla is accustomed to working with traditional media, such as painting and collage and also with installation. She will use this performance as a way to create work with her body rather than other materials. It will be an opportunity to explore new avenues with in her practice and to use her body language as a medium to focus on the themes of existence and culture which are core to her practice.

Gerald is concerned with his practice as a method of pulling apart the everyday. Moving from ideas to making quickly, he creates improvised situations which unfold their possibilities in front of the viewer. These pieces frequently use the format of an open work – work that is unfinished, unresolved, or borrowed or found and reworked to arrive at a different outcome. Gerald will use this performance as a testing ground to work across time and spaces in different cultures. He will bring to the work key ideas: language, context, the body, ephemerality.

Los artistas Camilla Brendon y Gerald Curtis se han unido para realizar un trabajo que recree sus experiencias individuales en distintas ciudades. Ambos exploran la existencia del día a día y les llama mucho la atención la variedad de emociones y las transiciones que nosotros, como personas, experimentamos en el transcurso del tiempo. Al trabajar en vivo a través de Skype ellos podrán explorar las similitudes y los contrastes hallados en sus existencias paralelas en Sudamérica y Europa, específicamente en los entornos urbanos de Buenos Aires y Londres.

Camilla esta acostumbrada a trabajar con técnicas tradicionales, tales como pintura y collage así como también con instalaciones. Ella utilizará éste performance como una manera de crear con su cuerpo en lugar de materiales. Esta será una buena oportunidad de explorar nuevas vías dentro de su obra, así como de usar su lenguaje corporal como técnica para enfocarse en los temas de la existencia y la cultura, los cuales son esenciales para su obra.
Gerald esta interesado en que su obra sea un método para desmantelar el día a día. Al moverse rápidamente de ideas a hechos, el crea situaciones improvisadas las cuales revelan sus posibilidades en frente del espectador. A menudo estas piezas toman la forma de un trabajo “abierto” – piezas sin terminar, sin resolver, prestadas o encontradas, que al ser trabajadas de nuevo llegan a un desenlace distinto. Gerald usará este performance como campo de pruebas para trabajos a través del tiempo y del espacio en distintas culturas. El aportará ideas claves al trabajo: lenguaje, contexto, el cuerpo, lo efímero.

Traducido por Francisco Hurtado, canchunchu@hotmail.com

Zona Imaginaria Press Release


Abril 2013 / Visita internacional
Camilla Brendon – Londres Inglaterra

Dentro del proyecto de Residencia para artistas ¿Quién puede vivir en esta casa?, durante el mes de Abril, recibiremos a la artista Camilla Brendon.

Sobre sus proyectos – “34South|61North: An artist in the Americas”, “The Map Exchange” y “Tomar espacios y hacerlos nuevos”
34South|61North es un proyecto de 2 años que verá a la artista viajar desde Chile a Alaska.
Al llegar a la Argentina desarrollará “Tomar espacios y hacerlos nuevos” donde hará una instalación performática explorando el barrio con dibujos hechos por ella que reflejen lo que observa con recortes de diarios, revistas, y flyers encontrados.

Se hará un streaming para presentar el proyecto en vivo el día 19 de Abril a las 18hrs a Londres, que se puede ver en el siguiente link o el la página web de la artista: https://www.facebook.com/events/496060167120693/?notif_t=plan_user_invited

El Sábado 27 a partir del mediodía, Camila estará realizando una instalación y de 16 a 17hrs presentará su proyecto en Zona Imaginaria.

En el taller de Grabado realizará una edición en punta seca, e impresiones para luego hacer collages como parte de su proyecto “The Map Exchange” donde hará una obra que donará a la Casa.

Camilla Brendon

Finishing touches...
Finishing touches…

Estudió BTEC de Bellas Artes en West kent Collage, Kent, R.U 2004, Bellas Artes en la Kingston University de Londres, 2008, y estudió grabado en London Print Studio de Londres en el 2010.
Su trabajo combina pintura, impresión, collage e instalación como resultado de experiencias en diferentes entornos. Está interesada con temas relacionados a la antropología que llevan a que haya desarrollado su Proyecto 34South | 61North.

+ Info HYPERLINK “http://www.camillabrendon.wordpress.com”www.camillabrendon.wordpress.com / HYPERLINK “http://www.camillabrendon.com”www.camillabrendon.com / HYPERLINK “http://www.facebook.com/34south61north”www.facebook.com/34south61north

Upcoming collaborative Performance ‘What Audience’

‘What Audience?’ a night of performance//sound//projection

Friday 19th April
6pm to 11pm
[performances start 6.30pm]

10 Artists rethink the audience in the Old Dentist.

//Curated by Leonora Aunstrup and Sadie Edginton//


Using the old dentist as a site and the shop window as a setting or stage, the public spectacle comes up against the private viewing space. Inside art audience blends with the outside street-view, erasing the boundaries between intended perceptions by imagined publics.

For ‘What Audience?’ 10 artists become situated here, using shop constructs to share their art practice with the audience and the street. We reconsider the site and function of the former corner shop space. The large corner window becomes a viewing area, the basement a place for possible encounters and subtle works might even go unnoticed.

Theatricality blends with off-sight performance, projection and immersive sound work. The crowd, the small audience, the one to one, is brought in to comparison, as different works overlap, continue or re-start through the night.


Louise Isik
Eldi Dundee
Kate Spence
Gerald Curtis
Ram Samocha
Eva Knutsdotter
Camilla Brendon
Oliver Wallington
Nathaniel Pimlott
Geraldine Gallavardin

33. Chatsworth Road, Homerton
Nearest Station Homerton Overground.
Facebook events page.
33 Chatsworth Road FB page.

Mural in La Cumbre

After settling in I began to plan a mural with Rama, an artist who is an associate at La Vecindad.

We chose a long brick wall that makes up one side of a passage jut wide enough for a car to fit down that enters onto the courtyard that is the central point for all the action at La Vecindad.

The Wall-before.
The Wall-before.

We wanted to combine our styles of painting with common interests. Part of my practice is to explore nature and physical variations between places. Rama looks to highlight the need to change the way we consume water globally. La Cumbre in particular has water shortage problems and he hopes more residents will install natural filtering systems to clean and store rain water for use throughout the year. Average annual rain fall is sufficient for the needs of a family of four.

Making the mural:

First day of Painting.
First day of Painting.

Blue tomatoes:

After two days of painting and a lot of assistance form Clara who was spending her Easter holidays with us we were finished! The mural is bright and suits the nature of  La Vecindad.

Completed Mural-Water Cordoba.
Completed Mural-Water Cordoba.Mural