The Map Exchange

As an artist I make work resulting from experiencing new cultures. Recording where I go and what I see and remember is an integral part of my practice. With mixed media I install, collage, print and paint taking form memories and physical things I have gathered during my travels. Maps, lines, addresses, newspapers, magazines, books and data are interesting as they aid memory.

The finished collage.
The finished collage.

Vina Valpo

The Map Project is an unique way of documenting 34South|61North and spreading awareness of arts venues to a worldwide audience. The Map Project will work by having locations in the UK displaying simple black and white maps of the continents of North and South America located in visible places, eg. In a gallery entrance. As I continue north through the Americas I will make collages using maps and other printed material that collect. The resulting work will be collages that reflect the particular places that I have visited. The individual collages will then be desplayed in suitable venues, e.g. I may leave the collage for Buenos Aires in the lobby of Jazz Bar. The works could be desplayed in a host of places, such as; Gallery entrances, librarys, community centres, hostels or anywhere that supposrts creativity in the local community. The work will be titled, have the 34South|61North mini bio and details of the London based locations with the Maps.



The finished collage.

a)Example of the map of the Americas that will be displayed in venues around the UK with pin point detail of the collage works displayed throughout the Americas.

b)Example of a college that reflects a place I have visited: Collage 1, Jazz Bar, BA Argentina. The collages will be displayed in venues with details of 34South|61North.

When people look at one of the collages they will instantly have access to concept behind 34South|61North and have have the opportunity to access my blog. The blog will contain details of all the collages and the UK maps I have installed and their locations along with the details of where the Maps are. The Map Project will bring more traffic to my blog giving 34South|61North a greater audience and therefore providing more potential for the other aspects of the project. It will also allow travelers and artists to find interesting venues that support creativity over three continents.
The Map Project will see my retrospective collages develop as I travel through each city, town, village and country that I visit.


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