Faculty of Art Cuenca 12-Dec-2013

I was fortunate enough to be  invited to give a lecture on the history of performance art and how I am using performance, with the work GMT-, as part of 34South|61north. The lecture took place on Thursday the 12th of December and was given to a mixed group of students from visual and aesthetic arts degrees based in the faculty of Art at the University of Cuenca.


The initial talk was based on the history of Performance Art, a series of videos by Gerald Curtis my partner in the work GMT- and an artist who has introduced me to the world of performance and encouraged my exploration of how our bodies can be incorporated into an art work.

I then went onto explain the work GMT- and how it is part of the larger project 34South61North. We concluded the lecture with a debate on the importance of different mediums and ways of making contemporary art. The discussion was fuelled by examining the differences and similarities between Ecuadorian and British establishments and customs that exist in the field of contemporary art.

Thanks to everyone who put this together and enabled a lecture that was filled with discussion and varying points of view.  Next opportunity: Medellin, Colombia.


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