Zona 30- November Residency


A long journey to a big capital, November in Lima.
Zona 30 is an independent space located in the old centre of Lima. An area full of hustle, horns, street venders and noise.

The change of rhythm was quite a shock after the relative tranquility of Cochabamba. I was the only resident artist at Zona 30 so although living in a place full of noise and people my residency was spent predominantly working alone.

In my first couple of days I was invited to speak on Radio Filarmonía about my work and the talk I was to give the following day in the Faculty of Bellas Arte, Lima.


After the GMT- performance with Gerald I got struck by some sort of food poisoning. This obviously had an impact on the very short residency time.

Luckily after finishing my stay as resident I returned to make The Map Exchange drawing on the roof at Zona 30. This piece is a continuation of bringing the Map Exchange and Take Spaces and Make Them New together.

Today I write from Casa Tres Patios in Medellín, Colombia where i’ve just begun a month long residency and am developing ideas on how to bring the works together further during the next month. The results will be shown in my final exhibition here which will also include a performative element, dates TBC.

A last note to Lima is this time was finished too quickly and over shadowed with illness and theft, next time will be better!


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