Take Spaces and Make Them New

Take Spaces and Make Them New is an ongoing work being developed within 34South|61North. As Camilla Brendon travels through South and North America she changes urban and rural environments with objects and forms taken from those places.

The idea is to impart the feeling of seeing something new and different for the first time with people who have become used to their surroundings. With every new place visited during 34South|61North CB notices the places as if they were new or fresh. At the same time she observes the small things that contribute to the places; pebbles, wood, leaves, paper and plastic that contribute to the general environment.

Working with found local materials CB makes forms that are derived from cultural symbols, natural objects or personal experiences specific to the region. She then proceeds to fill or alter spaces with these forms.


The installation process is open to view, as she works predominantly in public spaces an audience often creates itself. The installation is in this sense performative. CB will sometimes invite the audience to help or participate with the installation.


When finished the work changes the space with its physicality and how it occupies what was once freely flowing air. The forms create shadows which are moved by the wind, further altering the location.


CB leaves the installations for a short period of time, less than a week. This is to ensure that the installation does not become part of the regular aesthetic of the place.


11 thoughts on “Take Spaces and Make Them New”

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    1. Hi, Selavatica is an arts and performing arts space in Curitiba. The are self funded and support all sorts of art. The are in a notoriously scetchy area of the city and encourage interaction with local residents. There is a huge prostitution problem in the area and the artists and actors in Selevatica strive to include these people too. They have their own blog mentioned in my post. They are very helpful people. I had a good experience with them. x

    2. Hi Marie,
      I did not see this comment. They are an arts/theatre/dance space in Curitiba that work form a house gallery space and let out spaces as well. They work together in the organisation and promotion of the space and events.
      Its not in the best area of the city and they also try to include people form the local community including loads of interesting people who are often discriminated against e.g. transgender sex workers.
      Well, I can tell you a lot more, maybe on Skype?

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