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Organización Nelson Garrido

In June I visited the Organización Nelson Garrido, ONG, cultural space, that formerly functioned as the photographic studio of the well respected Venezuelan photographer Nelson Garrido. Today the studio has evolved to be a leading independent contemporary art and music space in Caracas.

Here is Music recorded by Jimmy Flamante in the studio at ONG, enjoy while you read!

The ONG works as a space to share ideas, have meetings, old art exhibits, record music, invite national and international resident artists and have a common living space. Most of this goes on with out charge to the public. The ONG also offers photography and screen printing classes, where they charge to cover running costs of the space.

There is a rolling trainee program where students and recent graduates work as part of the administrative staff improving their skill set and keeping running costs down. The ONG is unique to Caracas as it exists totally independently from the government and outside sponsors. This leaves all artists who are involved to be free to express them selfs as they wish with no political or financial influences.

This Video visualises the ideas, work and people behind the name. Become involved with the programme of events on their Facebook group and Facebook Page.


It was a pleasure to meet Gala Garrido, daughter of Nelson, who now runs the ONG. Thanks for your time and all the best moving forward with this important space for artists in Caracas.


Driving in Caracas

I spent May and part of June in Venezuela. The original idea was to go in February and cross over land from Colombia at the San Cristobal border. As protests and violence escalated this was no longer a viable option.

Instead I waited in Colombia and traveled to Venezuela six weeks later crossing at the northern border of Paraguaichón. The bus continued through the country, for twelve hours, terminating in Caracas.

Below is a series of photos that illustrate a drive I took through the city. Life in Venezuela continues despite the many problems that its people face.

CaracasAladin CaracasBus CaracasMaduroCaracasReflect
CaracasCalle CaracasSiBo

Zona 30- The Map Exchange Lima

Ultima Obra de ‘The Map Exchange’ -Tisa debujado encima del techo de
Zona 30, Lima.

Mas Fotos

(Ingles Abajo)


El primer vez que un espacio ha sido cambiado temporalmente por la obra ‘The Map Exchange’ asi veamos este obra acercando a la obra ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’.


El trabajo hice un un solo tarde trabajando por cinco horas abajo del sol y humedad de Lima. Gracias a Karen Garcia por su fotografía.


Latest work from ‘The Map Exchange’-Chalk drawing on the roof of gallery space Zona 30, Lima.

More Photos


This is the first work that has been part of “The Map Exchange’ that has temporarily changed an outside space.  Working in this style ‘The Map Exchange’ and ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ are becoming more closely connected.


The drawing was made over a single afternoon. Five hours of drawing under the hot sun and through the humidity of the Lima. Many thanks to Karen Garcia for her stunning photos.


Bloom (Take Spaces and Make Them New) mARTadero

Camilla mARTaderoCrop
Planning the latest piece for ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ to be installed outside the mARTadero, July 27th.

34South|61North (34sur|61norte) es una obra de la artista Camilla Brendon. El trabajo
sigue su viaje desde Chile hasta Alaska. Se quede en ciudades y pueblos de un par de días
hasta un par de meses. Durante estas paradas hace obras y colaboraciones con artistas
locales e internacionales y se da tiempo para entender cómo el arte contemporáneo está
recibido en lugares diferentes. El arte y las relaciones que hace durante el viaje son partes
de los proyectos que existan en 34South|61North.


La próxima obra  que viene va a empezar trabajando en el mARTadero para realizar la obra Bloom que sera la ultima parte de la serie Take Spaces and Make Them New (Toma Espacios y Hacerlos Nuevos). Mas informaccion esta aqui: http://bit.ly/1bsbROw.

Busca personas que están interesada en conociendo su trabajo y que quieren aprender formas de hacer intervenciones con materiales reciclados. Vamos a hacer la obra el Martes 23-Viernes 26  y a instalar la obra en el kiosko en frente del mARTadero el Sábado 27. Eso va a coincidir con el festival ENREDARTE con NADA.


Mixed media on found wood. 40x35x2cm(aprox), 2013.


Porto Alegre Artists and Spaces

Brazil stop one: Porto Alegre.

Three weeks in Uruguay came to an end with an uneventful crossing into Brazil. A beautiful sunset and deep orange moon filed the horizon as we sped closer to my first stop in a new country. I was with photographer and new friend Denis Rodriguez. The plan was to spend the next few days at his home getting to know the city and its arts.

Day one Denis and Leonardo, one half of CONTORNO took the time to  accompany me to a meeting at SUBTERRÂNEA where I was preparing to perform GMT- with Gerald Curtis the following day.


They also gave me a walking tour of some of the city and included , BARRACO an interesting autonomous studio, office and gallery space. Operating since 2005  with the addition of  the gallery, Mascate de arte,  in 2011.

Then onto MUSEU DO TRABALHO a print exhibition space with full artist printing facilities and studio spaces to hire. These spaces have not only printmakers but also house sculptors as the space offers kiln facilities. MDT is another example of an autonomous space and offers a membership scheme where for 80r/month or about  US$40 members receive each month new prints by artists announced at the beginning of the year. This is a great way for the space to secure funding and encourages the longevity of artists work and a new generation of art collectors in Brazil.

Four full days of viewing performing and enjoying sunsets over the port my stay had come quickly to its end and with mixed emotions it was time to move on and up to Curitiba.

Take Spaces and Make Them New, La Pedrera

Sunny autumn days in Uruguay. During a two week residency run by Curatoria Forense. I got to know the small beachside town of La Pedrera. The crashing waves and sand dunes made a stunning back drop, but what interested me more was the deserted ghostly feeling of the town. There are only 150 permanent residents, however during the summer the town swells to 20, 000 holiday makers mainly from Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

I found an empty kiosk used during February’s carnival to dispense drinks and chose it to make the latest installation for the work Take Spaces and Make Them New.









The newspaper filled the space hanging by threads. As the wind blew in through the broken glass the forms knotted and became something new.

More images form Take Spaces and Make Them New 34South|61North, Facebook.


Galo Tiger and 34South|61North

The Beginning
I have been given a T-shirt by designer and printmaker Marcelo Galindez, or Gal.  The T was a prize won by my friend Uli,  at Casa Tienda’s first open house arts event on Saturday May 4th 2013. After leaving Buenos Aires and traveling to Montevideo I wrote to Gal thanking him for the invitation to perform at the event.

What we are doing  

He replied asking me to take photos wearing the T-shirt during 34South|61North so that he could post them on Casa Tienda’s Face Book page to see how the t-shirt was traveling and to follow my progress. I began to think about this more seriously and remembered the affectivness of ‘I Love Wednesdays at McCluskies’, 2008. This piece saw my journey progress form the USA to New Zealand, to South East Asia to India. As my journey progresses I documented it by taking photos wearing the T-shirt in the places that I visited. The T-shirt which was white became increasingly stretched, dirty and full of holes. The result was an effective visual statement of how time, travel and situations change the physicality of objects.

Galo-34South|61North will be documented with photos of Brendon wearing the t-shirt in various locations throughout the Americas. This documentation will be logged on Casa Tiendas ‘ page and this blog. Gal designer and co-founder of Casa Tienda will be keeping a physical diary of the photos at Casa Tienda so that as they hold events visitors will be able to see where his design is being worn and follow the progress of 34South|61North.

Project Philosophy
Brendon’s practice looks at time, space, travel, anthroplogie- cultures and people and how they differ especially with regards to artistic practice and appreciation. Changing spaces so that they seem different or new is core to her ideas. People become bored or simply stop noticing their surroundings when they become uste to them. By adding temporary installations Brendon makes forms that play with the light and space so that the audience appreciates what was already there.

By being photographed in the Galo Tiger t-shirt international audiences will be able to follow her progress throughout 34South|61North. Their attention will be drawn to the locations where she models the t-shirt. This will encourage interest from those who are familiar with the area and those who don’t know it, in this way Galo-34South|61North will make spaces new.

The garment will age, colour and change with the progression of the work. These marks and changes will highlight that 34South|61North is a long durational work that sees many places and times. Its ageing will be a marker of progression and a developing collaboration and an art piece in its self.

The Result
A documentation of a developing work linking fashion- Galo, art spaces- Casa Tienda and via the The Map Exchange locations in Buenos Aires and the UK, and the main durational work- 34South|61North. The way that the documentation is posted digitally and physically will help spread awareness of Galo and Brendon and provide a point of connection for artists who learn about the collaboration.


Folllow quick photo updates 34South|61North- Facebook