About 34South|61North

My Background
As a London based artist I create painting, print, collage and installation work as a result of experiencing different environments. My practice surrounds a fascination with observing new things and meeting new people. 34South|61North will allow me to work out of the confines of my normal studio environment and social group. In making this change my practice will be pushed and move in new directions.

The Proposal
I am an anthropological artist, which signifies that my ideas and inspiration come from an observation of people, cultures and environments and how I am perceived and affected by them. During this ongoing work I will travel from Chile to Alaska.
I am interested in discovering how artists practice in different places and how the individual cultures, climates, religions and economies affect the arts and what standing they have in societies.
The project will see me push the limits of my creativity and resourcefulness with regards to making art in new places and with limited means. This is an interactive project where I will work with people who wish to collaborate and assist as part of 34South|61North.
If you are interested in becoming part of 34South|61North please read the Open Call and get in touch.

The Outcome
This project will be documented digitally on my website and the progress will be blogged.
I will compliment this with physical exhibitions of the works made in venues throughout the continents.
The aim of this is for artists to share what is made and learnt throughout the trip online and physically. This will create a networking opportunity for artists in the Americas and internationally. At the same time there will be an online insight into my day to day art, existence and travel in the Americas.


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Mapping culture and art from Chile to Alaska.

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