Artists Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis come together to make work that enacts their individual experiences in different cities. They explore day to day existence and are interested by the variety of emotions and transitions we as people experience over periods of time. By working together live over Skype they will explore the similarities and contrasts that occur between their parallel existences over the continents of South America and Europe, in which ever environment they happen to be in.

Camilla is accustomed to working with traditional media, such as painting and collage and also with installation. She will use this performance as a way to create work with her body rather than other materials. It will be an opportunity to explore new avenues with in her practice and to use her body language as a medium to focus on the themes of existence and culture which are core to her work.

Gerald is concerned with his practice as a method of pulling apart the everyday. Moving from ideas to making quickly, he creates improvised situations which unfold their possibilities in front of the viewer. These pieces frequently use the format of an open work – work that is unfinished, unresolved, or borrowed or found and reworked to arrive at a different outcome. Gerald will use this performance as a testing ground to work across time and spaces in different cultures. He will bring to the work key ideas: language, context, the body, ephemerality.


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