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March 2014 34South|61North had been ongoing for just over a year and I had reached the north of South America. With this I went to be resident artist at ACCIONArar residency in Anolaima, Colombia.

IMG_1592 IMG_1615

Tzitzi and David recently started the residency space, they are a couple of Colombian artists who focus on performance. Tzitzi has organised the Encuentro de Acción en Vivo y Diferido AVD,  Bogota and has traveled in South America participating in various events. She and David founded the residency space in country house outside the small town Anolaima. The residency encourages artistic development in all areas with emphasis on performance. There is also great importance put on sharing the living space, cooking together, sharing ideas and chores.

I met the couple at GUACHO-INTRATERRESTRE earlier this year in Ecuador and I learnt about what they do in Anolaima.  After a very intense period in Medellin I contacted them asking if I could come and use the residency as a time to reflect and to decide what direction I would like to take 34South|61North. We agreed and I prepared myself to go to Anolaima.

I spent the residency thinking. In February 2013 I began an ongoing work to cover two continents and learn about the arts and how they fit into societies that I visited, whilst developing three ongoing works: Take Space and Make Them New, The Map Exchange and GMT-. I have been making these works and simultaneously researching arts spaces and cultural organisations and artists, giving work shops and talks.

This system has been rewarding and full of meetings and new ideas. It has worked well over south america.  Now, entering phase two of 34South|61North, Central and North America the project calls for a different approach. I will be spending more time looking at other artists ways of making and how organisations work in the places I visit. My personal/physical practice will take a back seat. Just like in South America I will be researching and making art simultaneously but now with the focus on research.


Thanks to Tzitzi and David for providing this experience and a space that allowed for time to reflect and prioritise a new direction.




34South|61North-Accionarar March 2014

Accionarar Residency

Two months ago I began a residency with ACIONArar. Here are some
photos about the residency. The Accionarar site is being developed at the moment and more about my time and the other artists time will appear soon.




Thanks to Tzitzi and David, all the best as your project develops.


Bloom3 Performance-Invitation to Guests

(Español abajo)
Bloom 3 part of Take Spaces and Make Them New

34South|61North is an ongoing project by British artist Camilla Brendon which consists of her journey from Santiago, Chile to Anchorage, Alaska. She began the work in February 2013.

Saturday the 22nd
Bloom 3 is part of an ongoing work Take Spaces and Make Them New. This piece sees Camilla changing and temporarily altering environments that she visits with objects that she has taken from those places. Camilla makes the alterations using shapes, colours and formations that are a direct, if not obvious, response to her experiences in the particular city or country.

Casa Tres Patios
Bloom 3 is being shown to conclude the month long residency at Casa Tres Patios. This performance and installation piece is the final chapter in the first half of 34South61North. It comes directly before Camilla begins a period of reflection and evaluation of the first year of the project.

You are invited to:

Explore Casa Tres Patios and watch the performance and installation for as long as you like, observing how the house and its surroundings change over time.

Interact with the performance move the objects and remove them if you wish.

The dispersal of objects used in installations is a key part of Take Spaces and Make Them New. If you take an object you are invited to describe where you will be taking it and why you chose it.

Please also leave your email if you would like updates from 34South|61North.

You are invited to follow the progress of 34South|61North in these places:



Bloom 3 part of Take Spaces and Make Them New
34South|61North (34Sur|61Norte) es un proyecto en marcha de la artista Británica, Camilla Brendon. El cual comenzó en Febrero 2013, y que consiste en su viaje desde Santiago de Chile hasta Anchorage de Alaska.

Sabado 22
Bloom 3 es una parte de la obra Take Spaces and Make Them New (Tomar Espacios y Hacerlos Nuevos), que es una parte de 34South|61North. En esta obra Camilla va cambiando y alterando temporalmente los ambientes de los lugares que ha visitado, con objetos que son del mismo sitio. Camilla hace estos cambios con formas, colores y formaciones que son una respuesta directa, a su experiencia en una ciudad o país específico, pero no obvia.

Casa Tres Patios
Con Bloom 3 se concluirá la residencia que hizo Camilla en Casa Tres Patios durante un mes. Este trabajo de performance e instalación es el último capítulo de la primera mitad de 34South|61North. Justo antes de un periodo de reflexión y evaluación del primer ano de la obra.

Estan invitados a:

Explorar Casa Tres Patios, ver el performance e instalación y observar como cambia la casa y su alrededor en el transcurso del dia.

Ser parte de la obra, mover la ubicación de los objetos y sacarlos del espacio si desean.

La distribución de los objetos usados en los intervenciones es una parte importante de Take Spaces and Make Them New. Si sacan un objeto, estan invitados a hacer una descripción de a donde van a llevar el objeto y porque eligieron este.

Si quieren actualizaciones de 34South|61North tambien indicar su correo electronico.

Estan invitados a seguir la continuación de 34South|61North en estos sitios:



Bloom 3- Take Spaces and Make Them New

invitación expo 111

Los esperemos este sábado el 22 de Febrero en Casa Tres Patios, aparte de 12 30hrs la artista Camilla Brendon estara haciendo un intervención del edificio y de su alrededor. El evento terminara a las 20hrs. Bienvenidos!

Mas info:


We invite you to a live installation piece by British artist Camilla Brendon this Saturday the 22 of February in Casa Tres Patios, Medellín. The event will see Camilla change the insides of C3P and the areas that surround the house. The piece will be from 12 30-8pm.

More information:

Cambiando el Entorno

La semana pasado estuvimos explorando como podemos ocupar y cambiar espacios con nuestros cuerpos y objetos de la vida cotidiano. Los secciones empezaron con actividades hacho por El Cuerpo Habla.

Last week we were exploring how we can occupy and change spaces with our bodies and objects form day to day life. The sessions began with exercises and games led by El Cuerpo Habla, (the body talks).





El segundo parte fue de hacer unas cosas para intervenir con espacios públicos con casas de desecho y de la vida cotidiana.

The second part was making objects to install into public space with wast materials and day to day objects.









Terminamos cloqueando obras en la calle cerca que estación Hospital en Prado Central, Medellín.

We finished putting works in the streets of Pardo Central, Medellin, close to Hospital metro station.






Arrival- Casa Tres Patios, Medellín

Since leaving Sustainable Bolivia in early November i’ve been on a fast paced journey through Peru and Ecuador and some of Colombia to finally reach Medellín. I will be staying here and working as a resident artist at Casa Tres Patios until the end of February.

This residency is at a crucial time as geographically and potentially time wise is the half way moment in 34South|61North. It is also a time of change, signifying the end to my prolonged stay in the Andean region.

I’m reflecting on all the good, bad, busy, crazy, creative, stressful and joyful times that have filled up the last three months and am using  these contemplations to ignite new ideas in my practice, influencing the direction in which it will move.

On the 10th of Feburary i’ll be giving a talk at the University of Antioquia here in Medellín about my practice and why I’m traveling over two continents as an investigation of artistic practices and a development of my own work. This talk will be a couple of days before I being a run a workshop held over three afternoons at C3P. It will run with the assistance of El Cuerpo Habla, a performative based collective made up by students of Fine Art and Dance and lectures form the university. Times and dates to come.

I’m using the month here to re-consider how I’ve been working with objects and space. This is regarding the use of my own body in public and private spaces and my use of found and wast objects. I’m interested about how I can bring the two elements together so that they work simultaneously or become the same thing.

The residency will finish with an  exhibition that will include a performative installation work. I’m looking at how I can change the garden, hallways, entrance and street outside Casa Tres Patios over the course of a day.

An investigation during the residency of the subtleties of objects and how they bring a new essence to a place  will be presented during the exhibition.

I’m interested in how my physical condition will change as the day of the show and installation of the work wears on and how the audience will react to what I’m doing and making.

C3PCalle2 C3PGarden2 C3PGarden3 C3PGardenStairs C3PHall DSCF1355

Above are some photos of Casa Tres Patios, the space I’m going to give the workshop in and then do the show. I’d like to hear ideas of how you would work to transform this space.


Faculty of Art Cuenca 12-Dec-2013

I was fortunate enough to be  invited to give a lecture on the history of performance art and how I am using performance, with the work GMT-, as part of 34South|61north. The lecture took place on Thursday the 12th of December and was given to a mixed group of students from visual and aesthetic arts degrees based in the faculty of Art at the University of Cuenca.


The initial talk was based on the history of Performance Art, a series of videos by Gerald Curtis my partner in the work GMT- and an artist who has introduced me to the world of performance and encouraged my exploration of how our bodies can be incorporated into an art work.

I then went onto explain the work GMT- and how it is part of the larger project 34South61North. We concluded the lecture with a debate on the importance of different mediums and ways of making contemporary art. The discussion was fuelled by examining the differences and similarities between Ecuadorian and British establishments and customs that exist in the field of contemporary art.

Thanks to everyone who put this together and enabled a lecture that was filled with discussion and varying points of view.  Next opportunity: Medellin, Colombia.

GMT-5 and Zona30

6th time makes lucky…

8 months and 6 performances on I felt great performing GMT-5 in Zona 30, Lima. After various diaries, Skype convercacciones and mental battles I am coming to fulfil what I wanted to through performing as part of 34South|61North.

GMT-5blanket GMT-5blur GMT-5Crouch

Big thanks to Zona 30, The Wick and everyone who helped on both ends. Next step is to live stream the performances so that everyone who has been part of and who have been following our work throughout the past 8 months can be there with us as we comment on the mundane and amazing moments that make us human.

Gerald next step Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela!




Una noche de disfraz con arte y música, ven preparado para tener pintura en tu piel, ver intervenciones con luces, ilustraciones y con muchas ganas de bailar y bailar!

[exhibición de arte]
Olivia Barron
Camilla Brendon – http://www.camillabrendon.wordpress.com

[arte/ilustración en vivo]
Kim Alexander
Camilla Brendon
Olivia Barron

((((([body paint – pintura de cuerpos]))))
Kim Alexander

MeXist Cartagena

Reflector Tropical
Gontech – San Pedro Musik

[cuando, donde]
31.octubre.2013 – 21.00 hrs
Sub Pub – c. Oruro #410, entre Antezana y Ramón Rivero



GMT-5 The Shag and Sustainable Bolivia

GMT-5 London-Cochabamba
Performance by:
Camilla Brendon- https://camillabrendon.wordpress.com/
Gerald Curtis- http://www.geraldcurtis.blogspot.com/
Friday the 12th of July 20:30 GMT, 15:30 GMT-5
London: The Shag, Studio 180, 180 Lambeth Road, SE1 7JY.
Cochabamba: 230 Julio Arauco Prado, Cochabamba.


Artists Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis come together to make work that enacts their individual experiences in London and Cochabamba. They explore day to day existence and are interested by the variety of emotions and transitions we as people experience over periods of time. By working together live over Skype they will re-enact parallel 12 hour periods of each other’s lives, in this piece each hour will take two minutes in real time. This re-enactment will let them explore the similarities and contrasts that occur between their lives over the very different cities.

Camilla is accustomed to working with traditional media, such as painting and collage and also with installation. She will use this performance as a way to create work with her body rather than other materials. It will be an opportunity to explore new avenues with in her practice and to use her body language as a medium to focus on the themes of existence and culture which are core to her work.
Gerald is concerned with his practice as a method of pulling apart the everyday. Moving from ideas to making quickly, he creates improvised situations which unfold their possibilities in front of the viewer. These pieces frequently use the format of an open work – work that is unfinished, unresolved, or borrowed or found and reworked to arrive at a different outcome. Gerald will use this performance as a testing ground to work across time and spaces in different cultures. He will bring to the work key ideas: language, context, the body, ephemerality.