Open Call

If you have a studio or suitable spare space anywhere in the Americas and are willing to let me use it for a couple of days to a couple of months please get in touch. Follow facebook and and this blog to see my progress reports and where I have got to in the trip.
The Approximate dates are:
March Chile-Santiago-Valparaiso-Argentina-Córdoba-La Cumbre April-Buenos Aires -May-Uruguay-Curitiba, Brazil, JuneBrazil/Paraguay-July, Aug, Sept-Bolivia, October-Northern Chile, Peru, November-Peru, Ecuador, December Colombia.
I am looking to collaborate with artists who are interested in any of the below points:
-how professional practice and the motives behind it vary between places and cultures.
-who consider culture, religion and geographical location as integral topics in their practice.
-who are interested in completing a section of the travel with me.
Things to Consider:
-Can you work flexibly and with new people?
-Are you happy to exhibit and maybe travel with work created.
-Would you like to feature in this blog, facebook page and 34South61North section of Camilla Brendon’s artist website?
People who can help introduce 34South61North to galleries, spaces and places where work can be exhibited as the project travels through the continents.
Documenting the work online with image and text will keep the wider audience constantly up to date with the developments of the piece.
To supplement this and give the project its physical element I am looking for places to show the work created.
If you can help by providing or putting me in touch with galleries, public spaces or other locations where an art show could be held or where are could be installed please get in touch.
People who can help promote and spread awareness of 34South61North
I hope for as many people as possible to be aware of the project and share the findings and art that is made. This is with the hope that artists will create links and continue exchanges and collaborations into the future.
If you are a journalist, critic, blogger or can promote the project in any way please get in touch. I am happy to give interviews, talks and workshops throughout the project.



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