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Zona 30- November Residency


A long journey to a big capital, November in Lima.
Zona 30 is an independent space located in the old centre of Lima. An area full of hustle, horns, street venders and noise.

The change of rhythm was quite a shock after the relative tranquility of Cochabamba. I was the only resident artist at Zona 30 so although living in a place full of noise and people my residency was spent predominantly working alone.

In my first couple of days I was invited to speak on Radio Filarmonía about my work and the talk I was to give the following day in the Faculty of Bellas Arte, Lima.


After the GMT- performance with Gerald I got struck by some sort of food poisoning. This obviously had an impact on the very short residency time.

Luckily after finishing my stay as resident I returned to make The Map Exchange drawing on the roof at Zona 30. This piece is a continuation of bringing the Map Exchange and Take Spaces and Make Them New together.

Today I write from Casa Tres Patios in Medellín, Colombia where i’ve just begun a month long residency and am developing ideas on how to bring the works together further during the next month. The results will be shown in my final exhibition here which will also include a performative element, dates TBC.

A last note to Lima is this time was finished too quickly and over shadowed with illness and theft, next time will be better!


Zona 30- The Map Exchange Lima

Ultima Obra de ‘The Map Exchange’ -Tisa debujado encima del techo de
Zona 30, Lima.

Mas Fotos

(Ingles Abajo)


El primer vez que un espacio ha sido cambiado temporalmente por la obra ‘The Map Exchange’ asi veamos este obra acercando a la obra ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’.


El trabajo hice un un solo tarde trabajando por cinco horas abajo del sol y humedad de Lima. Gracias a Karen Garcia por su fotografía.


Latest work from ‘The Map Exchange’-Chalk drawing on the roof of gallery space Zona 30, Lima.

More Photos


This is the first work that has been part of “The Map Exchange’ that has temporarily changed an outside space.  Working in this style ‘The Map Exchange’ and ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ are becoming more closely connected.


The drawing was made over a single afternoon. Five hours of drawing under the hot sun and through the humidity of the Lima. Many thanks to Karen Garcia for her stunning photos.


GMT-5 and Zona30

6th time makes lucky…

8 months and 6 performances on I felt great performing GMT-5 in Zona 30, Lima. After various diaries, Skype convercacciones and mental battles I am coming to fulfil what I wanted to through performing as part of 34South|61North.

GMT-5blanket GMT-5blur GMT-5Crouch

Big thanks to Zona 30, The Wick and everyone who helped on both ends. Next step is to live stream the performances so that everyone who has been part of and who have been following our work throughout the past 8 months can be there with us as we comment on the mundane and amazing moments that make us human.

Gerald next step Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela!


Taller y Conversatorio- Lima

camilla brendon - conversatorio
Este Jueves el 21 a las 6 30 de la tarde daré una charla sobre mis intervenciones en espacios públicos con enfoque en la seria ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New.’ Hablará tambien sobre la tema del uso de materiales de desecho y porque es de moda de ser consciente en las materiales que usa en su arte.

This Thursday the 21st at 18 30 I will give a talk about the interventions that I put into public spaces focusing on the series ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New.’ I go into the use of waste materials and why its become a fashion to be contentious over the materials that you use when making art.

Centro Cultural de Bellas Arte, Jr. Huallaga n.402.


Daré un taller en las materiales que uso y como trabajar en espacios públicos en Zona30 Sábado el 23 de las 15 a 19hs.
I will lead a workshop on installing with wast materials on Saturday the 23rd at Zona30, from 15h-19h.