Take Spaces and Make Them New Log:

Take Spaces and Make Them New Log:

13) ‘Flor’ Medellin, installation/performance in Casa Tres Patios and the outside street, February 2014. (bit.ly/1mSY6ut )

12) ‘Caller’ Natural installation in Jerusalem Park, Quito, January  2014. (http://bit.ly/1nf9YZJ)

11) ‘Imagin’ Chalk drawing at Zona 30. Lima, November 2013. (bit.ly/1x7VwIi )

10) [metamorfosis] Fiesta de arte con (art party with) ‘Take Spaces and Make Tehem New’ October 2013. ( http://bit.ly/1i11nHH)

9)Kiosko Galeria, Santa Cruz, Octubre 2013. (http://bit.ly/1ccC8C1)

Made from Bloom1, Martadero.
Made from Bloom1, Martadero.

8) Faglarna at Groove Bar, October 2013. (http://bit.ly/18O26oF)

7) Mercado Progresso, La Troje centro Cultural, Cochabamba, September 2013. (http://bit.ly/1algy9y)


6) mARTadero, July 2013, Cochabamba.


5) Comuna, June 2013, Rio de Janeiro.  http://bit.ly/15gM6wp


4) Casa Selavâtica, June 2013, Curitiba.


3) The Kiosko, May 2013, La Pedrera. http://bit.ly/11Aruuk

2) Zona Imaginaria, April 2013, Buenos Aires.  http://bit.ly/18DZKIo

Installing the work

1) La Gardin, March 2013, Santiago.  http://bit.ly/13EFTbj

For more images Look Here.

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