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Organización Nelson Garrido

In June I visited the Organización Nelson Garrido, ONG, cultural space, that formerly functioned as the photographic studio of the well respected Venezuelan photographer Nelson Garrido. Today the studio has evolved to be a leading independent contemporary art and music space in Caracas.

Here is Music recorded by Jimmy Flamante in the studio at ONG, enjoy while you read!

The ONG works as a space to share ideas, have meetings, old art exhibits, record music, invite national and international resident artists and have a common living space. Most of this goes on with out charge to the public. The ONG also offers photography and screen printing classes, where they charge to cover running costs of the space.

There is a rolling trainee program where students and recent graduates work as part of the administrative staff improving their skill set and keeping running costs down. The ONG is unique to Caracas as it exists totally independently from the government and outside sponsors. This leaves all artists who are involved to be free to express them selfs as they wish with no political or financial influences.

This Video visualises the ideas, work and people behind the name. Become involved with the programme of events on their Facebook group and Facebook Page.


It was a pleasure to meet Gala Garrido, daughter of Nelson, who now runs the ONG. Thanks for your time and all the best moving forward with this important space for artists in Caracas.


Fiestas de Arte en Cochabamba, Octubre 2013

The first art party I was part of was in 2007 at The Olde Ship in East London. It was the second year of my BA, we had ten artists, a DJ, food and drinks. Since then I have gone onto organise an art party in the Shimokitazawa district of Tokyo (2010) and then to be part of the Todays Specials Design Fairs in West London (2011/12).

During my four month stay at Sustainable Bolivia I began to work with artists Kim Alexander, Olivia Barron and DJ’s Gon and Reflector Tropical

We held two parties one at Bar Groove (Faglarna) and one in Sub Pub [Metamorphosis]. The concept of bringing art out of the white cube space and more into the public realm is something I have been passionate about since the first event in 2007. Public space art and art in accessible venues is a way to provoke thought and to communicate your message or purpose with a wider public and with a public which is not nescissarily interested in fine or contemporary art.



In the second party [metamorphosis] we invited Pableti to join Kim in face panting and decorating the party goers, this fit in with the concept of change/ transition and the Haloeen/Day of the Dead/Guy Fawks date we held the event.




Working with cross disciplinarily artists and venues in Cochabamba has re-enforced the importance I place on working in groups and in unusual settings. These events are fore runners for the 34South|61North arts space and hostel, which will be initiated after I complete 34South|61North. Until then I look to participate and run more creative events in the Americas and Europe.

If your in Cochabamba keep a look out because the same crew are planning more parties soon!

Plastic Art Workshop-Sustainable Bolivia

Friday the 20th of September was the first Sustainable Bolivia open day. We organised the event to introduce volunteers with local residents and partner organisations in the SB network.

The general vibe was great with demonstrations, stalls, art, craft, a fund raising raffle and of course, amazing home made Soap de Mani!


With Henry giving information about his foundation Fundacion Adelante Bolivia.

During the workshop I explained why by working with waste materials and cheap locally found items I hope to make art an accessible outlet for anybody who has a creative idea.

I explained how I have been making the Bloom forms and the woven pieces and then let the collaborators work however they choose.


This work is going to be hung in the Sustainable Bolivia main house as part of the Map Exchange.