Kickstart 34South|61North in Central America!

Nine months ago I landed in Santiago, Chile. 34South|61North was finally a reality and has become my world. The journey, so far, over Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and now Peru has allowed me to develop, change and re-enforce the concepts behind my practice as a visual artist.


Gradually, county by country I have become more convinced than ever that visual arts should not exclusively exist inside the confines of a gallery space. Making question provoking art that is accessible to everybody is crucial to 34South|61North and to my philosophy as an independent artist.

I have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funding for the Central American section of the project. Here I hope to use the money to spend longer periods of time in chosen locations and give more extensive free workshops on using refuge materials and installing art into public spaces.

More detailed information is on the site its self. If you like it any and all support is very much appreciated and if you can share this with your friends it would be great!

So my goal for 2014 is to take 34South|61North through Central America, working with artists and communities and changing the spaces they live in~

Fingers Crossed!



2 thoughts on “Kickstart 34South|61North in Central America!”

  1. Fascinante proyecto, Milla. Con ese entusiasmo y ese espíritu no habrá quien te pare. Una pena no haber coincidido este verano. ¡¡Salud y suerte!!

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