Fiestas de Arte en Cochabamba, Octubre 2013

The first art party I was part of was in 2007 at The Olde Ship in East London. It was the second year of my BA, we had ten artists, a DJ, food and drinks. Since then I have gone onto organise an art party in the Shimokitazawa district of Tokyo (2010) and then to be part of the Todays Specials Design Fairs in West London (2011/12).

During my four month stay at Sustainable Bolivia I began to work with artists Kim Alexander, Olivia Barron and DJ’s Gon and Reflector Tropical

We held two parties one at Bar Groove (Faglarna) and one in Sub Pub [Metamorphosis]. The concept of bringing art out of the white cube space and more into the public realm is something I have been passionate about since the first event in 2007. Public space art and art in accessible venues is a way to provoke thought and to communicate your message or purpose with a wider public and with a public which is not nescissarily interested in fine or contemporary art.



In the second party [metamorphosis] we invited Pableti to join Kim in face panting and decorating the party goers, this fit in with the concept of change/ transition and the Haloeen/Day of the Dead/Guy Fawks date we held the event.




Working with cross disciplinarily artists and venues in Cochabamba has re-enforced the importance I place on working in groups and in unusual settings. These events are fore runners for the 34South|61North arts space and hostel, which will be initiated after I complete 34South|61North. Until then I look to participate and run more creative events in the Americas and Europe.

If your in Cochabamba keep a look out because the same crew are planning more parties soon!


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