La Troje y El Mercado Progreso-Intalling

Working with La Troje cultural centre the latest location for Take Spaces and Make Them New was selected.
It was important to pick somewhere close to La Troje yet removed from the arts environment. Market Progreso is just three blocks from La Troje yet has a totally different ambient. It’s a busy market selling all sorts of food and supplies. Within the market is a multi purpose pitch. Over looking the pitch is concert stadium bench seating with a blue corrugated plastic roof, the roof is held up by a blue metal frame.


Since completing Take Spaces and Make Them New-Bloom at the mARTadero I had continued working with the abundance of waste plastic that is found all over Cochabamba and have begun to make more structured forms with chicken wire frames. The use of these materials is consistent with 34South|61North and encouraging art to be accessible to everybody with a creative idea.


The five blooms waiting to be hung from the blue metal structure of the roof.  The forms are filled with lines and sections of colours all from waste plastic bags. The weave of plastic through the wire allows air to move in-between the gaps making the Blooms move easily with no sense of weight or connection to the metal that exists within them.


Beginning to install the work. The sunlight shines through the roof; it’s early morning and it’s going to be a beautiful day. The work went up quickly with out problem thanks to the support of everyone form La Troje.

HugoBloom  HugoBloomArcoIris  HugoCanchaTrije

BloomCloseupThe finished work:

BloomRoof2  BloomRoof  BloomRoof2



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