oGangorra co-work space The Map Exchange


Brazil is full of energy and new initiative. My week in Sao Paulo flew past. There are many new and established self managing and part-self managing creative spaces in the city. To avoid the bureaucracy of government money creative groups are seeking alternative solutions to fund arts spaces. I found one alternative in oGangorra. Placed in the fashionable and busy neighbourhood of Vila Madalena several businesses occupy this co-work space. The site has three floors, the sub ground is a bike shop, ground is a bar and art space then the first floor is an open plan office area.

I met the staff and saw the site and arranged for oGangorra to be the next site for The Map Exchange.  I chose to to paint the mural on the underside of the stair well. This location is visible from the street and provides a focal point for the bar.

The Map Exchange at https://www.facebook.com/LasMagrelas

Over the course of four countries and four months 34South|61North has developed and changed. I have created a way to use simple forms that are representative of the emotions, environment and styles of the different places which I have visited.

‘Brazil-34South|61North’ is an important work as it captures the essence of the journey that I have undertaken so far. The individual shapes relate to specific places and emotions and environments. The bright orange that fills the spaces captures the warmth and energy of Brazil and its people.


This work is reminiscent of The Map Exchange Santiago. The original shapes form Chile have been simplified into one key form. This mural is the beginning of a development of colour, form and space which will be explored during my residency in Cochabamba, Bolivia.




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