Casa Selvática

‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’ filled the entrance space at the house. This was the first time a larger space had been filled using individual wast paper cutouts, not the paper chains seen earlier on in the work, (






The shapes were a reflection of the four countries so far visited as part of 34South|61North and the installation took two days. This work was not installed live as has been a previous element of ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New’.

The finished work was up-lit using a single stage light with a green film gel. The air on the street made the shapes twist and dance causing them to knot together irreversibly.

On the opening night 6/6/13 Camilla gave a talk on her work 34South|61North and donated an artwork to be part of ‘The Map Exchange’ this work is being displayed in the upstairs gallery space at Selvática.

The Map Exchange, Curitiba.

Photography by Lara Jacoski


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