Porto Alegre Artists and Spaces

Brazil stop one: Porto Alegre.

Three weeks in Uruguay came to an end with an uneventful crossing into Brazil. A beautiful sunset and deep orange moon filed the horizon as we sped closer to my first stop in a new country. I was with photographer and new friend Denis Rodriguez. The plan was to spend the next few days at his home getting to know the city and its arts.

Day one Denis and Leonardo, one half of CONTORNO took the time to  accompany me to a meeting at SUBTERRÂNEA where I was preparing to perform GMT- with Gerald Curtis the following day.


They also gave me a walking tour of some of the city and included , BARRACO an interesting autonomous studio, office and gallery space. Operating since 2005  with the addition of  the gallery, Mascate de arte,  in 2011.

Then onto MUSEU DO TRABALHO a print exhibition space with full artist printing facilities and studio spaces to hire. These spaces have not only printmakers but also house sculptors as the space offers kiln facilities. MDT is another example of an autonomous space and offers a membership scheme where for 80r/month or about  US$40 members receive each month new prints by artists announced at the beginning of the year. This is a great way for the space to secure funding and encourages the longevity of artists work and a new generation of art collectors in Brazil.

Four full days of viewing performing and enjoying sunsets over the port my stay had come quickly to its end and with mixed emotions it was time to move on and up to Curitiba.


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