GMT-4 III at Subterrânea Porto Alegre


Wednesday the 29th of May, performance three between Camilla Brendon and Gerald Curtis this time at Subterrânea and ]Performance Space]

Brendon and Curtis kept the piece’s hour long format, squeezing 12 hours of events into five minute slots. GMT-4 III followed its predecessors in a more abstract use of symbology and props by the artists. They seemed to move further away form the written words of their scripts and more into how they imagined and interpreted the other to feel.


The lighting was low and both spaces were white cube. This has left the pair with an almost infinite pool of ideas for games with light, space and location. This Friday, the 7th, Brendon will work alone in Curitiba to explore these ideas and use colour and time as ways to further abstract Curtis’ London days.


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