Galo Tiger and 34South|61North

The Beginning
I have been given a T-shirt by designer and printmaker Marcelo Galindez, or Gal.  The T was a prize won by my friend Uli,  at Casa Tienda’s first open house arts event on Saturday May 4th 2013. After leaving Buenos Aires and traveling to Montevideo I wrote to Gal thanking him for the invitation to perform at the event.

What we are doing  

He replied asking me to take photos wearing the T-shirt during 34South|61North so that he could post them on Casa Tienda’s Face Book page to see how the t-shirt was traveling and to follow my progress. I began to think about this more seriously and remembered the affectivness of ‘I Love Wednesdays at McCluskies’, 2008. This piece saw my journey progress form the USA to New Zealand, to South East Asia to India. As my journey progresses I documented it by taking photos wearing the T-shirt in the places that I visited. The T-shirt which was white became increasingly stretched, dirty and full of holes. The result was an effective visual statement of how time, travel and situations change the physicality of objects.

Galo-34South|61North will be documented with photos of Brendon wearing the t-shirt in various locations throughout the Americas. This documentation will be logged on Casa Tiendas ‘ page and this blog. Gal designer and co-founder of Casa Tienda will be keeping a physical diary of the photos at Casa Tienda so that as they hold events visitors will be able to see where his design is being worn and follow the progress of 34South|61North.

Project Philosophy
Brendon’s practice looks at time, space, travel, anthroplogie- cultures and people and how they differ especially with regards to artistic practice and appreciation. Changing spaces so that they seem different or new is core to her ideas. People become bored or simply stop noticing their surroundings when they become uste to them. By adding temporary installations Brendon makes forms that play with the light and space so that the audience appreciates what was already there.

By being photographed in the Galo Tiger t-shirt international audiences will be able to follow her progress throughout 34South|61North. Their attention will be drawn to the locations where she models the t-shirt. This will encourage interest from those who are familiar with the area and those who don’t know it, in this way Galo-34South|61North will make spaces new.

The garment will age, colour and change with the progression of the work. These marks and changes will highlight that 34South|61North is a long durational work that sees many places and times. Its ageing will be a marker of progression and a developing collaboration and an art piece in its self.

The Result
A documentation of a developing work linking fashion- Galo, art spaces- Casa Tienda and via the The Map Exchange locations in Buenos Aires and the UK, and the main durational work- 34South|61North. The way that the documentation is posted digitally and physically will help spread awareness of Galo and Brendon and provide a point of connection for artists who learn about the collaboration.


Folllow quick photo updates 34South|61North- Facebook


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