Zona Imaginaria

10 Days as resident artist at Zona Imaginaria has gone very quickly. I have got to know the people who work here and the students, in particular the kids that come to the Pequenos Aprendices classes on Tuesdays.  It has been an educational, relaxing and productive time all at once.

I was one half of GMT, GMT-4  a performance with London Based artist, Gerald Curtis. We re-enacted each others days via Skype, referring to diaries we had exchanged the previous day. Pretending to be someone else on the other side of the world using actions in a small space for an hour challenge my resourcefulness. I was sometime lost in a world of performance and began to embrace the situation moving freely and forgetting where I was and the nature of what I was doing. Then the internet connection would fail and I would need to get up and re-start the conversation. These brakes in the fluidity of the piece annoyed me at the time as I felt it destroyed the flow of what I was doing. Retrospectively although annoying it highlight the unpredictable nature of performance and how it is removed from other fine art practices with its spontaneous nature.

GMT, GMT-4 at Zona Imaginaria.
GMT, GMT-4 at Zona Imaginaria.

As part of the residency you are asked to make some work that stays in the house. I have been looking at maps throughout 34South|61North and at ZI I was looking at Chile and Argentina, the countries I have visited so far, then also at a local map of the streets in this area. I combined them to make a shape. Only later did I realise how much it looks like South America. I began to create a mural in on an empty wall in the kitchen.

Work in Progress

After a lot of glue, cutting, painting and colouring it was finished:

San Fernando Mural, 2013, Paper, Enamel and pencil.

I have been getting to know the kids on Tuesdays when they come here for art classes and I invited them all to participate in with my installation that took place on the 27th. I was please to see that some of them made it with their families too. I had the forms for Take Spaces and Make Them New prepared and at 2pm we began to instal the work on the street, walls and plants outside ZI.

The installation was followed by a talk on my practice with regards to 34South|61North and questions. I learnt a lot about the neighbour hood, fine art in Argentina and my own feelings about my work.


One last thing was to leave a pin board and map for the kids to fill out as part of The Map Exchange during their classes on Tuesdays. I hope they enjoy staying in touch and learning a bit more about the geography and art of The Americas.

This short residency has been full of creative and contemplative thoughts and actions. I am leaving sad on the one hand yet excited to spend a few days in Buenos Aires capital and then to go onto Uruguay and Brazil.

The journey continues.


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