Cordoba 24 Hours of Art

After a week at La Venicidad, La Cumbre it was time to move on to spend a quick visit in Cordoba capital before heading onto Buenos Aires. I met a couple of artists at Romas studio who had come up to see his exhibition. They offered me a couch in Cordoba, so I accepted and was looking forward to seeing their home. Juan and Juliana are a couple who work together on a few projects. They are both artists and chefs and live off a mix of the two. They make the most of Cordoba’s art and theatre scene and love cats. Their upcoming work is to continue making arts and poetry books and to travel upto Venezuela, hitch hiking, later this year. I hope to see you somewhere on the journey my friends.

Cordoba is a small city full of art, drama, music and students. The central area easy to navigate by foot. I was there on a Wednesday full of the sun and heat that fills the Argentina autumn days. Wednesdays also happen to be free museum day, so I set about visiting them.

It was almost time for me to return to the house and have a rest before heading to the bus when I decided to visit one last museum, in an impressive modern building I arrived at the MEC, Museo Emilio Caraffa. There was several galleries with permanent and temporary exhibits. The two main temporary shows were by Argentine artists:
Miguel Angel Giovanetti- Concepto Pentágono

Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas

Carolina Magnin- Ánima:

I later had the pleasure of meeting Carolina in Zona Imaginaria, where she teaches once a week, and she took the time to explain her work the process and how she came to have a solo show at MEC.

That afternoon I had a long awaited meeting with Julia at Casa 13 an arts house in central Cordoba. Casa 13 was the first place in Argentina to offer a residency programme and is constantly battling to stay open as they are occupying the house and run the risk of eviction. With this kind of history I had sought to spend a period with them making work for 34South|61North, but as they were remodelling the house the residencies were on hold for the first part of 2013. Never the less I was keen to visit the Casa and learn more about what they do.

Julia, with whom I had been communicating, greeted me and we had a chat over several Mates, a famous Argentine tea traditionally drunk out of a hollow gourd through a metal straw. The staff there are all artists of some sort and are are well connected, supporting arts throughout the Americas. This year each of the 30 odd staff are planning to complete mini residencies in the Casa. Good luck to all of you!


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