Upcoming collaborative Performance ‘What Audience’

‘What Audience?’ a night of performance//sound//projection

Friday 19th April
6pm to 11pm
[performances start 6.30pm]

10 Artists rethink the audience in the Old Dentist.

//Curated by Leonora Aunstrup and Sadie Edginton//


Using the old dentist as a site and the shop window as a setting or stage, the public spectacle comes up against the private viewing space. Inside art audience blends with the outside street-view, erasing the boundaries between intended perceptions by imagined publics.

For ‘What Audience?’ 10 artists become situated here, using shop constructs to share their art practice with the audience and the street. We reconsider the site and function of the former corner shop space. The large corner window becomes a viewing area, the basement a place for possible encounters and subtle works might even go unnoticed.

Theatricality blends with off-sight performance, projection and immersive sound work. The crowd, the small audience, the one to one, is brought in to comparison, as different works overlap, continue or re-start through the night.


Louise Isik
Eldi Dundee
Kate Spence
Gerald Curtis
Ram Samocha
Eva Knutsdotter
Camilla Brendon
Oliver Wallington
Nathaniel Pimlott
Geraldine Gallavardin

33. Chatsworth Road, Homerton
Nearest Station Homerton Overground.
Facebook events page.
33 Chatsworth Road FB page.


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