Mural in La Cumbre

After settling in I began to plan a mural with Rama, an artist who is an associate at La Vecindad.

We chose a long brick wall that makes up one side of a passage jut wide enough for a car to fit down that enters onto the courtyard that is the central point for all the action at La Vecindad.

The Wall-before.
The Wall-before.

We wanted to combine our styles of painting with common interests. Part of my practice is to explore nature and physical variations between places. Rama looks to highlight the need to change the way we consume water globally. La Cumbre in particular has water shortage problems and he hopes more residents will install natural filtering systems to clean and store rain water for use throughout the year. Average annual rain fall is sufficient for the needs of a family of four.

Making the mural:

First day of Painting.
First day of Painting.

Blue tomatoes:

After two days of painting and a lot of assistance form Clara who was spending her Easter holidays with us we were finished! The mural is bright and suits the nature of  La Vecindad.

Completed Mural-Water Cordoba.
Completed Mural-Water Cordoba.Mural



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