Mural Valparaiso

As previously mentioned I split my time in Valpo, as its referred to locally, between making a collage to form part of The Map Exchange and working on a collaborative mural.

Wednesday at six I met Nancy, Christian and a group of his friends in Plaza Soto Mayor in the centre of the city. We got our materials together and began to walk. In Valpo, a city made of hills and valleys and covered in murals, you don’t just pick a wall and begin. You must first find a naked space and then ask permission from the inhabitants of the property. So we walked. This went on for nearly two hours up and down the hills as we searched periodically we came across a space that was suitable. So we would knock or ring, but no body seemed to be at home. We were loosing hope, there was only about an hour of proper day light left, then we walked past a house with the door open. The music was blurring out and children were running up and down the steps that formed the steep street.

We saw a large turquoise wall of corrugated steal. It was perfect. So, we asked. The children ran inside to get the lady who owned the house, she came out. After cautiously questioning us she looked at some of our sketches as we ensured here we would make something beautiful, so cautiously, she agreed.

Amazing. Now we had to discuss what we would create. I had not worked with any of these artists before and seldom use spray paint. Gonzalo decided to make a kitchen scene out of the wall and I was to add abstract formes with the found papers I had cut beforehand.

The following day I returned to view our work. The abstract forms are taken form the nature I have seen in Chile.
The following day I returned to view our work. The abstract forms are taken form the nature I have seen in Chile.

We worked and chatted long into the night until we were exhausted and at that moment the lady who lived in the house along with here sister brought out beer and fresh fried fish!

The Mural

What a great night, painting on the side of a house that looked down onto the city.


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