Viña Valpo- The Map Exchange

Last week I spent traveling between sculptor Juan Pablo Bahamonde’s family home, in the quiet picturesque beach town of Concón, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. The three paces are only an hour’s bus ride apart however all have a very individual vibe and look.

I was luck enough to be introduced to Nancy and Christian who live in Valparaiso and are well connected with local artists and know the ins and outs of the street art scene in Valparaiso. They gave me the tour and as we walked up and down the maze of steep hills and colourful streets we decided to meet up later in the week and make our own collaborative mural.

In the mean time Juan Pablo was keen to introduce me to a local organisation Balmaceda who he had worked with in the past. They work with young artists and offer a range of creative work shops and residency programmes. We hoped they would be interested in 34South|61North and more specifically hosting an art work to become part of The Map Exchange. After meeting one of the directors and explaining the details of my project I was allocated a wall space.

Three days later the work was complete and with Juan Pablo’s assistance I hung the collage.

The finished collage.
The finished collage, Mixed Media on found wood, 30x15x2cm.

Thanks to Balmaceda for a special Mention too!


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