Take Spaces and Make Them New- La Jardin

Tuesday afternoon in Santiago and I arrived at La Jardin I was hot and tired of carrying by backpack laden with newspapers that Andre had given me to make ‘Take Spaces and Make Them New, Santiago’ with.
I got to cutting and cutting to make the paper chains that would transform an outside space in the garden for just a few hours.

I worked with the same forms taken from the autumn trees that I had used in my previous mural at The Clinic, but this time they varied in size and became more irregular and abstract as the hours of cutting went past. Repetitive process with out rules leads to interesting morphing with in my practice. This morphing of forms can be seen in the growing installation.

Installing the work
Installing the work

This was the first time I installed work outside and the the light breeze played with the paper and moved it so that it swayed, floated and flapped form where it was attached. This gave the installation a sense of freedom and mobility. The light shone throughout the paper and as it moved so did the shadows. The work seemed alive.
Take Spaces and Make Them New

More Photos here: http://on.fb.me/139a91K  


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