RA Summer Exhibition desde Santiago

A week in Santiago had passed. So I decided it was time to make some work that reflected on what I had seen, The RA Summer Exhibition, seemed like a good open call to motivate me. So I set about making a collage that captured the glorious late summer of the Chilean capital.

Coming form months of cold and darkness the bright sunlight and exotic vegetation was what struck me the most. So I made a collage typical to my style with found paper, simple natural shapes and vivid colour. The choice of bright yellow was an instinctive decision I made as a gratitude to the sun.

34South|61North, Santiago
34South|61North, Santiago
Close up of the collage
Close up of the collage

After completing the work I went down to the central post office, had a nightmare with envelopes and ensuring the safe transit of my work, but did, finally manage to send it off to Richard.

Lets Hope Correos Chile and the Royal Mail treat it well…

Bon Voyage!
Bon Voyage!

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