Press Release, 3 Weeks Left in London

34South|61North 28/Feb/2013  Press Release

This project will see London based mixed media and installation artist Camilla Brendon travel from Chile to Alaska overland. She will document the trip online, creating a globally accessible platform to promote art and tourism in the Americas.

Combining travel and fine art to develop a body of work that draws from Brendon’s experiences as she progresses north over the two continents, 34South|61North is expected to take two years. She will get about using public transport and will stay and work with artists, organisations, charities and local people who support the project; she has recently accepted a residency with Sustainable Bolivia in Cochabamba from July to October 2013. Work made in the Americas will be complemented by collaborating with UK based contemporaries remotely and exhibiting the resulting works on both sides of the Atlantic, providing scope for future dialogue and exchange between international artists. Project outlines and proposals are detailed in her blog. The result of the piece will be the creation of a platform for artists in the Americas to communicate with one another and a global audience. In addition, Brendon will develop her own practice and knowledge of her American counterparts.

‘Memories of Casablanca’
Mixed media collage on paper, 42x29cm, 2012

Camilla makes work that is a result of experiences away from her London home. Owing to this she was awarded the Stanley Picker Travel Grant by Kingston University, where she completed a BA in Fine Art. She used the grant to visit South Korea in 2007 and went on to produce The Lotus Series and to write her BA dissertation on Contemporary art in the republic. More recently, in 2012, Brendon took part in And’Art Casablanca, an annual residency that moves between cities in Morocco and provides an intercultural exchange between Moroccan and international artists. During 34South|61North Brendon will take her formula of travel and art further than ever before by combining the two in an ongoing format away from her studio and professional network.
‘Sakura Install’
Newspaper cutouts installed as a performance throughout a three story building, 2013

“Camilla Brendon is a multi-media artist, to whom travel and exploration are important factors in her creativity. Here we… find out about an ambitious upcoming project”.- Sara Hibbert ArtWeb interview, January 20th 2013.

Notes to Editors:
-Two year project travelling from Chile to Alaska.
-Mixed media artist will make work and document it physically and digitally.
-Blog about the cultural activities in the places visited.
-Blog will also establish a global platform for arts and travel in the Americas
-Artist will work remotely with contemporaries in the UK.
-Artist will be resident at organisations as she travels.

Contact information:

Sustainable Bolivia:


The Art Web:


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